20 Aug 2010

Crystal Ball Tell Me …

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Crystal Ball Tell Me What I want to know … what is coming up on Stoned Campbell Disciple Blog.

I have not been busy this week with a few future blogs. I don’t think I have ever actually done this before but I would like to offer my readers a sort of “preview” of what is coming down the road for my blog. So lets look into the Crystal Ball and see what it reveals …

First. I have two more Jonah posts (with a possible third) in the next couple days. One is called “The Wrath of the Theologian” and the other “Jonah’s Self-Defense.”

Second. I have never done a blog like this planned one and I am really hesitant about it. I want to do blog on divorce and children. I have ministered to divorced couples for many years but in the last 3 yrs this has become very personal. I want to explore the dynamics of Parental Alienation Syndrome and what we as parents (especially fathers) and ministers can do about it. This may turn into more than one blog …

Third. I recently finished reading the Hendrickson reprint of the 1560 Geneva Bible. I was caught by the placement of the Prayer of Manasseh after 2 Chronicles. In this blog I hope to write about the history of this historic Bible.

Fourth. I have read and am doing more digging on Bruce Morton’s Deceiving Winds. I plan on doing a review and appraisal of this work.

Tomorrow back to Jonah … Enjoy the song by Styx … mixed with The Wizard of Oz

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  1. gensis5020 Says:

    Looing forward to all of the above, Bobby!

    God bless

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