23 Feb 2010

Black History Links on Stoned-Campbell

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Black History, Church, Contemporary Ethics, Kingdom, Mission, Preaching, Race Relations, Restoration History

Greetings from the land of Saguaros and Scorpions. I was asked about some links on “Black History” since February is Black History Month … the first is for Fred Gray. Most of the ones I have listed will have a connection to the Stone Campbell Movement. May you be blessed …

Fred D. Gray: Hero Lawyer?

S. R. Cassius: A Stone-Campbell Booker T. Washington

Pardee Butler: A Stoned-Campbell John Brown

Loving when it Ain’t Easy: Reflections on a Parable

Sharing the Dream

Forever Free

PG-13 Rant or Corporate Murder

May you find something to bless your walk with God, something to help in being salt and light and in loving our neighbor as our selves.

Bobby Valentine

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