23 Feb 2010

Black History Links on Stoned-Campbell

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Black History, Church, Contemporary Ethics, Kingdom, Mission, Preaching, Race Relations, Restoration History

Greetings from the land of Saguaros and Scorpions. I was asked about some links on “Black History” since February is Black History Month … the first is for Fred Gray. Most of the ones I have listed will have a connection to the Stone Campbell Movement. May you be blessed …

Fred D. Gray: Hero Lawyer?

S. R. Cassius: A CofC Booker T. Washington

Pardee Butler: An Amos on our Family Tree

Loving when it isn’t Easy: Reflections on a Parable

Sharing the Dream

Forever Free

PG-13 Rant Post: Corporate Murder or …

May you find something to bless your walk with God, something to help in being salt and light and in loving our neighbor as our selves.

Bobby Valentine

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