18 May 2008

Churchgoer vs. Christian: Great Video

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Church, Discipleship
Well I feel like I have to atone for having Kid Rock on my Stoned blog so … here is one that is clearly biblical, 😉 Humorous but also fantastic point.

6 Responses to “Churchgoer vs. Christian: Great Video”

  1. preacherman Says:

    I love this wonderful video.
    I am so thankful that you showed it to us all. Loved the reference to 728b! All joking aside I do see the end to the statis quo church goer mentality and now living in a post-Christian culture who doesn’t go to or want to at all. Dan Kimball in his book “They liked Jesus but not the Church” shine light on this important issue. People okay with Jesus and all but going to church is a waiste of time. Church is not connecting to a generation who desporately need the church. I think it is going to the the “Christian” in this video for that to happen. God bless you brother. And thank you again for sharing this wonderful video. I now have to go to church and sing 728b.

  2. johndobbs Says:

    LOVE IT! It’s going on my Tubes page for sure!

  3. Bob Bliss Says:

    I’m waiting for the full-length movie.

  4. shirleya Says:

    Excellent video.

  5. Gardner Hall Says:

    Reminds me of the Mac versus PC commercials. Funny because it has a germ of truth in it.

  6. Kent Says:

    The Southern Hills Church where I interned put this together. They are doing all kinds of things like this in their worship. I was there recently and took it all in. Phil Ware, the brains behind Heartlight, is leading that church and doing some very interesting things. Thanks for sharing the video with us, Bobby.


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