5 Jun 2007

A Trip to the Land of Beer and Cheese

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Trip to the Land of Beer & Cheese
I arrived home yesterday evening (Monday nite) from a trip to my old stomping grounds in Milwaukee. The primary reason for the voyage was the honor of performing the wedding of Lorna Dolhun to Jerry Seidner.

I had a marvelous time. I was greeted at the airport on Friday by Vivian Karbiner and we ate at Famous Daves BBQ for lunch. That evening we had rehearsal and a number of us went to Sarapheno’s pizzeria and laughed for many hours (… the color black was in there somewhere). While there it rained!!! I had not seen rain in quite a while. Took it easy on Saturday morning, had the wedding at 2 pm. Lots of folks from Southside there and we visited for a long time. I visited with Jan, Wayne, Rick, Brenda, another Brenda, Monroe & Julia, Nathalie, Dennis & Marlene, Scott & Christine, Jim & Lori, Al Gray, Tom & Judy, Jason & Leslie, Tom, Mary & Lou, Cliff & Sandy, Ben, Ed, John & Elizabeth, Brad & Linda (thanks for the salsa), J. R. & Katie, Juan & Diane, Brian, Dan & Laurie, Harold & Kay, Otto, Michael & Julie, Daryl & Nina, Bethany, Adrian, Latanja, Dan & Jeanna, Bruce & Karen, and Hank & Vivian. And more …

After the wedding I took my shoes off and walked on the grass … I hadn’t done that in some time either. That evening went out and had a great steak (huge!). I was so glad to be able to. preach for Southside on Sunday (2x) like the old days. I did a lesson from Philippians called “The Joy of the Lord.” I was thankful that they put up with me. After morning worship there was congregational picknic in Root River Parkway. I had a brat (hadn’t had one of those in a while either). Later Sunday evening a good number of us met to play Sheepshead. As usual I lost but I won’t say just how bad the score was (just say if it was golf I would be a grand champion). And to top the day off I had some homemade peanut butter pie. Emm was it good.

It was a good weekend. I won’t tell you about the flight home on monday. Suffice it to say that it was the single worst flying experience I have ever had … but I arrived safe at home in Tucson about 8 hours later than I was supposed to. It was good to see Rachael, Talya and Pamella.

I will be praying for Southside as they begin their new journey with a new man named Jeff. Take good care of them Jeff … they are great people.

Bobby Valentine

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