26 Oct 2023

Rubel Shelly & Mike Cope on Wineskins

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Bobby's World, Church History, Ministry, Restoration History

Wineskins. I cannot even write the title of that magazine without a smile crossing my face. I received our first copy, Volume One, Number One way back in May of 1992. I devoured each issue cover to cover. I would reread articles and often would make multiple copies of articles and hand them out to friends and even those who were not friends. As the years past I even contributed articles to it in its online version. I am grateful for the work Matt Dabbs did with Wineskins for a number of years. I wrote a piece in the magazine called God in the Rear View Mirror: My Adventure with Wineskins that you can read more (via the link) if you are interested. Matt did an interview with Rubel Shelly and Mike Cope that is about thirty-seven minutes long. It is a wonderful discussion and reflection not only on the beginnings of Wineskins but also the questions that we face today that are in many ways quite different than in 1992. Grab a Cup of Java and take in this discussion. Thank you to Matt for facilitating it and the I am grateful to both rich blessings from Mike and Rubel.

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    That was fun! Thanks Bobby

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