19 Apr 2023

The Apocrypha: What is It? (A Video Presentation)

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Apocrypha, Bible, Church History, Faith, Jesus, Jewish Backgrounds, King James Version

To fulfill some requests, I am placing this video here to make the content available to those who desire. During Coronacation, I took care of speaking engagements via Zoom rather than travel. What follows is the material for one such occasion. I have been reading, writing and presenting on the Apocrypha (aka “Middle Testament”) for a long time. These books have always been held to be more than just “mere” books even by those who did not consider them canonical. I hope you will be informed and blessed. There is a correction to be made. My brain froze on the “Meaningful Text – 3” slide. I lost my train of thought. But I said the photo was Tyndale. It is not. It is Wisdom in the Gutenberg Bible. Tyndale did not finish the OT before he died. He included several translations from Sirach and other “Apocryphal” writings at the end of his NT in a section called “Epistles from the Old Testament” to be used for various days. I apologize for the confusion. But with that I invite you to spend about 50 minutes covering a lot of ground on a fascinating and even important subject.

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