1 Nov 2017

Reconciliation Reconsidered: Advancing the National Conversation on Race in Churches of Christ. A Review by Debbie Plunket

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Periodically on Stoned-Campbell Disciple we have guest blogs and book reviews.  Debbie Plunket of Memphis, Tennessee won my book giveaway and has written a nice book notice.  Reconciliation Reconsidered is an important book.  It can be ordered off of Amazon via the link in the foregoing title.

Reconciliation Reconsidered:
Advancing the National Conversation on Race in Churches of Christ
Edited by Tanya Smith Brice (ACU Press, 2015)
Review by Debbie Plunket

I am thankful for Dr. Brice’s editing and for the work each of the contributing authors gave to this book.   The book is an excellent resource to provide a better understanding of current racial environments not only in the church of Christ but also the United States as a whole. Practical solutions are offered to advance church integration and in turn, the national conversation on race.  Several concepts are explained as to why churches are not desegregated even when people believe they “have no problem” with those of other races.

It’s inspiring to read how some congregations are actively reaching out to grow a more diverse group in hopes of growing closer together and closer to God. It is exciting to consider the growth potential if churches decide to address racial issues.  Fair warning: to progress, no one can skip solid food as addressed in 1 Corinthians 3:2. Tackling racial issues would not be considered milk, in reference to that same scripture. The book addresses why many churches remain segregated despite biblical beliefs that are antithetical to the concept of racial divide.

Dr. Tanya Smith Brice has provided superb editing for Reconciliation Reconsidered.  The book is divided into three sections following her introduction: Historical Realities, Contemporary Challenges, and Concrete Examples.  It is prepared to serve as a guidebook for all who seek to progress as Christians.  The contributing authors are very knowledgeable regarding their subject matter.  As a Christian, I pray this book is read by other Christians and spread in churches throughout the United States.  It would serve as an effective study for a congregation’s bible classes.  It is a rare experience for this reviewer to read a book that educates, motivates, and encourages one to share.  This is one of those books.

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