22 Jun 2013

Image of the Invisible God: Meditations on Col 1.15-20, Pt 4

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Bible, Colossians, Discipleship, Hermeneutics, Jesus, Prayer, Spiritual Disciplines

He is the beginning

the Firstborn from the dead
so that he might come to have first place in everything
With the beginning of this new verse, Paul begins to point in the radical new direction of redemption and renewed creation.  To say that Jesus is “the beginning” here does no refer to Creation which was the refrain of the previous verses.  Rather Jesus is now seen, not as Creator, but rather the one who has participated in the most common human trait across every race in the world – death.  But Jesus did something that is not common, he did not stay dead. A new reality has begun.  The new age has broken in because Jesus, the Creator, has conquered the grave (one of those “dominions” … Revelation 20.14). Jesus came back and is thus the “Firstborn from the dead!”  This is Resurrection.  Easter. The new Age of hope.  The Future is Now in Christ’s Resurrection from the dead.
Do you want to know why Jesus is Lord? Do you want to know why Jesus has “first place” in “everything?” Do you want to know why Jesus is not second to George Bush, Barak Obama, Buddha, Mohammad, Bobby Valentine … or even you? There is one simple reason according to Paul. That reason is Mohammad when he died, and he did die, remained dead.  When Confucius died, and he did, he turned to dust. If Bobby Valentine dies, he will remain in the grave. Because he is dead.  Jesus is first and foremost for the simple fact of history (not make believe) that though he did die – he did not stay dead! This is what makes Christ different, unique, and in a category that none can touch.  He was killed on the cross.  That is a fact! On the third day the earth shook and the gates of death were destroyed by the Image of God! That is almost unbelievable.  And what is more is that because of Jesus’ resurrection Bush, Obama, Muhammad, Buddha, and Bobby Valentine … and you … will also be raised from the dead one glorious day. 
God created the cosmos through the Cosmic Christ.  When the world became vandalized the creator became its one chance of hope … Thus Jesus died to save what he made.  Through his resurrection he brought the future into the now.
MUSINGS: Do you believe what Paul sings? Is Christ “first” that is supreme in everything? What in your life have you not surrendered to Christ.
Father God, grant me insight through your Holy Spirit into the magnificence of your Christ. Grant that my faith will grow into unshakable faith in the bodily resurrection of your Son, Christ Jesus. Help me Father to truly make Jesus the Lord of my life as he is already the Lord of the universe.  Take any part of me not surrendered to him and make it his. Defeat me when I resist his direction and claim to be First in all I say, do, or think.  Amen.

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