30 Dec 2012

Movies of 2012: The Good, the Bad & Ugly

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As I sat on the couch with my daughters last night night we got onto the subject of movies of the past year.  So just what were the the best movies of the year? What were the ones we thought were ok? And which ones just plain stunk … here is a list between two teenage girls and myself.

The Best Movies of the Year

10) Brave
9) Men in Black III
8) Cowboys & Aliens
7) Batman – The Dark Knight Rises
6) Hunger Games
5) Red Tails
4) The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey

The last three we all agreed a case can be made for being the best movie of the year

1) Avengers (for sheer entertainment this is my pick)
1) Lincoln (from a aesthetic view point this has a case as the best movie of the year)
1) The Vow (this is just a beautiful movie)

Movies that we enjoyed and may watch again one day

1) Amazing Spider-Man
2) Expendables 2
3) John Carter of Mars (all of us actually liked this movie though it seemingly panned in the box office)
4) Ghost Rider 2
5) Skyfall

The worst movies of the year are in our opinion

5) Dictator
4) Battleship
3) Breaking Dawn Part 2
2) Total Recall
1) Dredd

3 Responses to “Movies of 2012: The Good, the Bad & Ugly”

  1. Greg Bagley Says:

    The Vow is much better as a book. The movie all but eliminated the Christian values the book reveals.

  2. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    I think Lorax was a good movie too but I did not make the top …

  3. Adel Says:

    Men In black 3 is my favorite, as always Will “the great” Smith did a tremendous job again. That guy cannot do mistake, anyways thanks for the post I didn’t even know there is a new spider man movie, thanks!

    Zero Dramas

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