15 Jun 2011

Vacation in Sweet Home Alabama

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Every summer I get Rachael and Talya for the month of June. One of the highlights has become our trip to visit Alabama. Usually by Christmas the girls are bugging me about going to the “visit the cousins” in Sweet Home Alabama. This year it was actually needed by all of us … time off. Time to have a sabbath. Time to laugh. Time to cut up. Time to sleep. Time to give the old brain a break. Time to be with family. And God provided!

We headed to Alabama via Dallas and Nashville. Tif, Avery and Evan welcomed us at the airport with big smiles, hugs … and kisses!!!

The bad thing about this trip is that Tifani had to go to work every single day except Sunday and Thursday! I didnt like that but it gave us a chance to follow Paul’s injunction to “redeem the time.” We did VBS on Wednesday night, played in the pool everyday, had family pix done for the first time, we went to the late movie to see the X-Men: First Class, and went to the Gathering at Magnolia. Avery and I read about half of Aesop’s Fables while Evan and I read a dose of the Attack of the Clones. For myself I read some light reading in Douglas Wilson’s 5 Cities that Ruled the World. It was a quick and enjoyable read that often made me scratch my head but … I was on vacation.

Florence recently got a Buffalo Wild Wings so we ended up there twice with Tifani’s brother and sister-in-law. Her brother, Nolan, is an outstanding photographer and took our family pix. The kids bonded amazingly and almost refused to come back to AZ! We are back now but we had fun.

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    Gene: Great Bobby. Glad you were able to have the time together.

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