11 Apr 2011

Gordon Fee on "How To Read the Bible For all its Worth"

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Books, Exegesis, Ministry

Today I was perusing my friend Darin Scott Little’s blog, Casting Nets. He offered a video from one of my favorite authors, Gordon Fee. Fee has impacted my thinking from the moment I opened his book with Douglas Stuart, How To Read the Bible for All its Worth, in 1988. It is, in my opinion, a book that not only every minister should study deeply but every Christian as well. Below are two videos, one longer as you can see, of Fee made many years apart. The first is a portion of a series of lectures he did for ministers and the second is a recent and extensive interview. Enjoy and be blessed. We must become better readers of God’s word.

Gordon Fee: HOW Should We Read the Bible

Gordon Fee: How TO Read the Bible … Good Stuff … Love the Shakespeare analogy

Pray with the ancient sage, Ben Sira, that the “great Lord is willing” to fill us with “the spirit of wisdom” so we can meditate on “his mysteries” (Sirach 39.6-7)


P.S. I have learned that this Casting Nets is also the blog of Jeremy O’Clair. The post I pulled the first Fee video from was written by Jeremy. I apologize Jeremy for overlooking that.

2 Responses to “Gordon Fee on "How To Read the Bible For all its Worth"”

  1. kingdomseeking Says:

    Great Videos. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the link to Jeremy O’Clair’s and Darin Little’s blog.

    Grace and Peace,

    K. Rex Butts

  2. Warren Baldwin Says:

    I love Fee’s book. Didn’t know about these videos. Thanks for making them available.


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