28 Mar 2011

Reflections on Tulsa 2011 Edition

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Bobby's World, Lectures

Tulsa came. Tulsa was. Tulsa is now history. My Tulsa journey began, I suppose, shortly after the Pepperdine Lectures of 2010 when I received an invitation from Terry Rush to speak on the subject of the Holy Spirit Unchained. My three classes were filled to the brim with folks lining the walls, sitting on the floor and spilling into the hall. I was overwhelmed.

I headed out on Tuesday from Tucson, drove through the night and arrived in Tulsa about 6 am on Wednesday. The folks at the Hyatt were unbelievably courteous and let me check in to my room (that wasnt even in my name!). My roommate was a gentleman from South Carolina, whom I’d never met, named Bryan Todd. That night we took in worship led by Kip Long and Randy Harris while enjoying the company of fellow John Dobbs from Monroe, LA.

I took in classes with Randy Harris, Al Maxey (whom I’d never met or heard before), Don mcLaughlin, Rick Atchley and Trey Morgan. I listened to Acappella, Psallo from York and Revival. All the sessions I attended were well done, thought provoking and encouraging. I appreciated Harris’s critique of the notion of “cool” and Christianity. Refreshing and unexpected. Unfortunately my class was scheduled at the same time as Tim Archer and Amanda Sanders.

Probably the most enjoyable part of any workshop/lecture to me is meeting new people and hanging with old friends. I got to hang with my old friend Wade Tannehill and his family. We ate at Panda Express with Ron Davis. Rick Atchley bought me a free coke at Taco Cabana after his morning session. Had coffee with Stan Helton. I had the pleasure of picking Edward Fudge’s brain on a multiplicity of subjects late one evening in the hotel lobby. I had late night fellowship with Barry Bullinger and his father from Alabama. Ran into Tim & Kathy Thompson, Guy & Debbie Marshall, and Paul & Kathy Straw friends from Wisconsin. I got to have coffee with Gerry Parker, visit with Jim McGuiggan, and Larry Bertram. I met Johnny Hinton too.

This year I only purchased one book. I saddened that ACU/Leafwood Press did not have a booth. But the one book I bought is Courageous Compassion: A Prophetic Homiletic in Service to the Church by Jerry Taylor and edited by David Fleer. Taylor is one of the most powerful preachers I have ever heard and I simply could not pass this up. I will publish a review shortly on my blog of it.

As with most good things Tulsa came to an end. I got the car at 4:23 pm on Saturday and drove through the night back to Tucson. I got to listen to a number of classes I was not able to attend via CD. Rick Atchley/Terry Rush on what they have learned down through the years; Tim Archer on the huge task we have; and Ed Fudge’s three part series.

It was great!! My hat is off to Terry Rush and the Memorial Church in Tulsa for a superb job. I hope to be back for the 2012 Workshop themed “Good News for a Broken World” … March 21-24. Mark it down.

14 Responses to “Reflections on Tulsa 2011 Edition”

  1. Steve Says:

    Glad you had a good time, bro. Cindy and I are on our way to the Mary and Joseph Retreat Center in Rancho Palo Verdes, CA near Long Beach for retreat time and a learning conference for Cindy later in the week. Peace to you and see you in Malibu.

  2. Tim Archer Says:

    It was great seeing you there. Glad you made it home safely.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  3. Wade Tannehill Says:

    Your classes were awesome. You have really grown as a public speaker over the last twenty years (not that you were ever lousy). The churches really needs scholars like you to help them understand the Scriptures.

  4. Terry Rush Says:

    Thanks Bobby for blessing the Tulsa crowd!

    You were of great encouragement!

  5. Edward Fudge Says:

    Great to hear your class and to have a chance to visit with you that evening. God bless you, friend!

  6. Amanda Sanders Says:

    I will be seeing you at Pepperdine Brother! Can’t wait to sit in your classes. You are one of my favorite “Big Thinkers” Bobby.

  7. Trey Morgan Says:

    Wish I could have hit your class, BUT that’s what CD’s are for. I plan on listening to them this weekend.

    Enjoyed getting to see you.

  8. Niki Says:

    Hi Bobby! I’m glad Tulsa was such a great experience for you. Are your classes available anywhere online or a format that is available for the general public to hear? I would love to hear them.

  9. kingdomseeking Says:

    Sounds like I missed a great party. I will, however, be attending the Pepperdine Bible Lectures in 5 weeks so perhaps we will run into each other.

    Grace and Peace,


  10. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    Niki indeed you can order my classes from

    Workshop Multimedia at http://www.workshopmultimedia.com or 1.918.260.9084

    My classes are:

    Holy Spirit: Unchained According to the Word
    Holy Spirit: Chained According to Our Heritage
    Holy Spirit: Let the Chains Fall Away

    They were on thurs, fri, & sat at 3 pm.

  11. Frank Bellizzi Says:

    Sorry I missed it. Would loved to have heard the lessons you and others presented, and to get to meet and reconnect with folks. Next year, come through Amarillo and I’ll drive the rest of the way. You’re making me tired reading about these all-night trips.

  12. Lita Says:

    I was one of the floor-sitters, behind the black curtain, at one of your sessions. Looking forward to listening to the other 2 on CD. Glad you enjoyed your stay in Tulsa. We loved having you!

  13. Danna Says:

    So glad you enjoyed your time in Tulsa. Your classes were my favorites this year. My brain hurt every day but I couldn’t wait to come back! Thanks for being here and for letting God use you. Blessings~Danna Townsdin

  14. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    Wow! Danna that is very humbling to know. I appreciate those very kind words and I am glad that the Spirit used that time to bless you. Thank you for coming to my classes.

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