18 Jan 2011

Pride – U2 – Martin Luther King

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Bobby's World, Contemporary Ethics, Kingdom, Martin Luther King, Music, Race Relations


In honor of a modern day prophet of justice, Martin Luther King Jr, I post this song by one of the most gifted &  prophetic bands of the age … U2. We, as a people, are better because he walked among us.

4 Responses to “Pride – U2 – Martin Luther King”

  1. Price Says:

    Hey Bro !!
    Check this short speech that MLK directed to the American churches. A young man shared this the other night at a men’s study group.

  2. John Randy Royse Says:

    Next year, re-go your blog on the article MLK wrote from jail after his arrest….

    John Randy Royse

  3. John Randy Royse Says:

    Next year re-do your blog entry on the letter MLK wrote from jail after his release.

    John Randy Royse

  4. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    John MLKs letter from a Birmingham Jail is truly epic. I just may have to do that … should the Lord tarry in his appearing. Don’t let me forget.

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