21 Apr 2010

Jesus, Paul & the People of God: Wheaton’s Dialogue with N. T. Wright

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There is no contemporary New Testament scholar that has made a greater impact on the religious scene than N. T. Wright. His books The New Testament and the People of God; Jesus and the Victory of God; and The Resurrection of the Son of God have in the last 20 years turned scholarship upside down.

On April 16-17, Wheaton College hosted the Jesus, Paul and the People of God conference, a Dialogue with N. T. Wright. The participants of this conference include Richard Hays, Brian Walsh, Sylvia Keesmaat, Nick Perrin, and Wright himself. All the speeches are on both video and MP3.

If you have never heard Wright you are in for a treat. He is easy to listen too and even entertaining at times. I had the privilege of hearing him outside Milwaukee a couple years ago and was impressed then and even more so now. I believe that Wright’s vision is something we can learn from. Here is the link:

Jesus, Paul and the People of God

Bobby Valentine

4 Responses to “Jesus, Paul & the People of God: Wheaton’s Dialogue with N. T. Wright”

  1. Frank Bellizzi Says:


    Thanks for this post and the link.

    We certainly can learn a lot from Wright. He’s gotten to that point where he hardly has an unpublished thought. Most of us, like me, have a hard time reading as fast as he writes. About his books, I think that non-specialists should probably begin with one of the shorter things he’s written for a broader audience. The big books require a good bit of time and patience. His “For Everyone” series (simple, devotional commentaries on New Testament books) deserves to replace the old William Barclay series, much used by preachers of the past. Barclay came out with some very odd interpretations, and he never documented any of them.

  2. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:


    I agree that the three I mentioned are challenging books. That is why I usually suggest Surprised by Hope or Simply Christian as good entries into Wrighthood. I have a number of his little For Everyone series (Mt, Lk, Romans, Prison Epistles,) and they are well done. They have started and “Old Testament” counterpart to that series and John Goldingay has done the volume on Genesis. I look forward to reading that too.

  3. Wade Tannehill Says:

    Thanks for this. Wright is great! I recently read Simply Christian, several in the “for Everyone” series, and I bought Surprised by Hope at a bargain price.

  4. Randall Says:

    Thanks very much for the link. I am at a loss to understand why Wright draws criticism from mainstream Reformed pastors. Could you shed any light on it?

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