6 Jan 2010

Ten Resolutions (New Years)

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Bobby's World, Contemporary Ethics, Ministry

Well it is that time of year when most of us decide to take stock in ourselves and shoot for some sort of fresh start or new beginning. There is nothing particularly sacred about the month of January but we human beings seem to invest certain times, events and persons with symbolic importance. The “new year” has that kind of symbolic importance, so with apologies to the Master Mason of the Texas Tradition within Churches of Christ R. L. Whiteside (who opined New Year’s resolutions to be vain), I offer a few of my own resolutions.

1) I resolve to pray more and dispute less … with a nod to Barton Stone

2) I resolve to make the most of every moment I have with Rachael and Talya

3) I resolve, as Tobias did for Sarah, to love Tifani with holy and pure love (see Tobit 8.4-8)

4) I resolve to guard my heart against bitterness, which I confess I have struggled with from
time to time over the last 2 years.

5) I resolve to take better care of myself for myself and those whom I love

6) I resolve to finish my biography of K. C. Moser THIS YEAR

7) I resolve to seek to be a better disciple of Jesus Christ and student of the written Word
of God

8) I resolve to cultivate a true Christ-centered, non-denominational, and non-sectarian faith
to be truly kingdom focused

9) I resolve to enjoy more time off … to integrate Sabbath rhythms into my life

10) I resolve to live within my means and reduce as much debt as possible this year

Well there you have my New Year’s resolutions. I am going to stick them to my refrigerator to remind myself of these resolutions. I seek those who will help keep me on track. May your New Year be filled with God’s amazing shalom.

7 Responses to “Ten Resolutions (New Years)”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Noble goals, Bobby! I think you have the heart to earnestly pursue them. May you feel the strength of Christ through whom you can do all things. 🙂

  2. Frank Bellizzi Says:

    Best wishes with those resolutions, Bobby.


    Frank Bellizzi

    Oh, by the way, check out my site sometime! [url=http://www.frankbank.com/takes-money-from-your-account-and-puts-it-in-Frank’s-account.html/]

  3. Adam Gonnerman Says:

    I made a list of “Goals and Objectives for 2010 and Beyond.” So far I’m not pleased with my progress….

  4. Greg England Says:

    I can’t find that Tobit 8:4-8 in my Bible! 🙂

  5. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    You need a NRSV, NEB, REB, ESV, RSV, KJV, TEV or a myriad of versions. Great text.

  6. Adam Gonnerman Says:

    Tobit was one of my favorites when I was a teenager, and I still like it.

    These days I avoid buying any Bible lacking the Apocrypha.

  7. cwinwc Says:

    If I can throw in some “Klingon theology,” as Warf said on one of the episodes to his crewmates in “Ten Forward,” “Drink more, talk less!” 🙂

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