26 May 2009

N.T. Wright: Postmodern Movement 2

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Church, Kingdom, Ministry, N.T. Wright
This is part of a larger interview of N.T. Wright at the Pastors Retreat of the Los Ranchos Presbytery held in Malibu CA. It is worth listening too.  Anything by NTW is worth our time.

3 Responses to “N.T. Wright: Postmodern Movement 2”

  1. Falantedios Says:

    I love his statement: “Postmodernity is preaching the Fall to arrogant modernity, but the Fall is never the end of the story.”

  2. Wade Tannehill Says:

    I read so many blogs that I can’t remember who said this, but someone said something to the effect that evangelicals are afraid of postmodernity because they are afriad of extreme relativism (well, someone said something like that).

    But is postmodernity really always extreme relativism? (and I know some postmodernists who reject any notion of absolute truth) Or can it be a humble admission of the fact that we really don’t have it all scientifically mastered? (And I know that’s an oversimplification).

    So, is to say postmodern
    necessarily to say relitivism? That’s what some people tend to hear. I do from some, but from others I simply hear the call to stop reading Scripture through Enlightenment glasses that the original authors were not wearing.

  3. kingdomseeking Says:

    This is a great social commentary made through the lens of orthodox missional thinking. Thanks for sharing this.

    Grace and peace,


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