10 May 2009

Pepperdine 2009

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I, and my family, have been making an annual pilgrimage to Pepperdine University for the Bible lectures every year since 2001. For the last two I have made that voyage alone which changes dynamics quite a bit. Last year and this year I arrived a day early for some decompression time. This year that meant I arrived about midnite on Monday and simply walked on the beach and slept on it till the sun came up. What a glorious sight. Love the ocean … and I love Pepperdine Bible Lectures … Why you ask!!

First and foremost: My hat is off to Jerry Rushford once again. Jerry has to be the most encouraging man in the Churches of Christ. Pepperdine is FAR outside the CofC holy land of Tennessee and Texas and yet Jerry and Pepperdine are able to attract the greatest assemblage of folk from the CofCs anywhere in America.

Second, the quality and breadth of the classes at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures is simply UNMATCHED anywhere and at anytime among Churches of Christ (see Here) Nearly a hundred speakers covering topics from detailed exegetical classes on basically the entire book of Colossians by some of our very best scholars to a detailed history of baptism in the first five centuries by Everett Ferguson. From how to survive as a preacher’s wife to witnessing to Mosaics in a postmodern world … in between there are seminars on preaching, classes on cultivating your spiritual life and even those with a big D on their forehead … Jerry how do you do it!!??

Third, Pepperdine is where my path crosses more of my friends from all walks of life than anywhere else. Daryl Miller from Milwaukee, Kevin Vance from Canada, Lisa Dickson from Abilene, Rick Janelle from Penn, Steve Puckett from Melbourne, Fl, Edward Fudge from Houston, Edward Robinson, Doug Foster and Randy Harris of ACU, Rubel Shelly of Rochester, Bob Belville from NC, Joel Solliday from Brooklyn Park, MN, Tom Olbricht from Maine, Bob Clark from TN, Victor Knowles from Missouri, all my PV and Tucson family and many more.

Fourth, I got to hear my old teacher Allen Black share insight into Col 2.14; Tom Olbricht on the Bicentennial of the Declaration and Address of Thomas Campbell; Edward Robinson on Annie Tuggle, Billy Wilson on evangelism (I had the task and pleasure of introducing him), Rick Marrs and Tim Willis had an OUTSTANDING three part class on the Law and the New Testament (you need to get the CDs on this … this was rich stuff!), Monte Cox and Rick Atchley are just good solid and sound biblical expositors.

Fifth, Pepperdine is where I make new friends every year. In particular I want to mention Billy McGuiggan. I went to Billy’s class and he did an outstanding job. He is smarter and more equipped than I was at his age … (I HATE being able to say that cause I am now OLDER than him!!!!!) I got to visit with Billy and encouraged one another. God is doing amazing things brothers and sisters … if we only had eyes to see and ears to hear.

The only thing I can complain about Pepperdine is that it is too short!! I know Jerry doesn’t think so cause he is working like a dog for this thing. But from my perspective when I had to leave on Friday afternoon I was simply sad. I did not want to leave. I am encouraged. I am uplifted. I am fed. I am challenged to deeper biblical study and serious digging. I am enriched in my soul. I find fellowship. I find the Presence of the Almighty God who loves to Gather with his People. Thank you Jerry for the Pepperdine lectures …

The Marrs/Willis lectures can be ordered here (Did We Throw the Baby Out with the Bath Water?) … they are the 8.30 am class and there are three of them.

Below are a few (very few) pictures of Pepperdine scenes … I forgot to take pix cause I was so busy enjoying myself …

“Gassing” Up for the Trip to Mecca …

What a glorious sight …

The Great Tree in front of Firestone Fieldhouse

The Chapel …

Enjoying a Quite Moment

Some…SOME…of our PV family taking in our “traditional” Wednesday nite Pie Party

6 Responses to “Pepperdine 2009”

  1. kingdomseeking Says:


    It was nice to meet you and put an actual face with a blog. And you are right, the Pepperdinc Lectureship was too short and very sad when it was over.

    Grace and peace,

    K. Rex Butts

  2. Cheryl Russell Says:

    The Pepperdine Lectures are always an awesome blessing! It’s like teaching, encouragement, and fellowship on crack. We can’t wait to get our next hit! Well, you know what I mean. We really missed it this year. Glad you got to go.

  3. Steve Puckett Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with you, bro. What a great time. Wonderful to see you. God’s blessings on your day. I’m hoping to do some cycling of the motor sports kind in CA next year.

  4. westcoastwitness.com Says:

    This was my first time at the Pepperdine Lectures – I agree that nothing else comes close.

  5. John Says:

    Hope you enjoyed it. If Pepperdine is Mecca, Freed-Hardeman is Jerusalem. We actually used to call it that in jest.

  6. Lumen Scriptor Says:

    Hey, just what kind of tree is that outside Firestone Fieldhouse? And those outside the caffetteria? (Last spring was my first visit to the lectures and California.)

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