2 Dec 2008

Reflections on the Weekend

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What a holiday weekend! I have had Rachael and Talya all weekend long. We cooked Big Bird together (an 18lbs Turkey!!). We made home made stuffing (inside Big Bird). We made home made mashed potatoes. We had rolls (not home made) and pie … we had fun peeling, chopping, cooking and finally eating. Thanksgiving was very different this year but it was still very good. I have never cooked any of those things before but now we have.

The girls and I ventured out on Black Friday (yikes!). We stopped in Best Buy and picked up Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and the new Guns n’ Roses Chinese Democracy.

I find it interesting that three old bands have released new CDs in the last month or so and have blown the competition out of the water … Metallica and AC/DC debuted at #1 and I believe GnR will too.

The girls and I took in Twilight on Saturday night. I had not clue what was going on.

The Moon, Venus and Jupiter were in conjunction this weekend too. Looked mighty pretty in the desert sky.

Guns N’ Roses song “Sorry” has struck a powerful cord with me. I have posted the song below. In some ways it is a Postmodern lament … here are some of the powerful lyrics:

You like to hurt me
You know that you do
You like to think
In some way
that its me An not you
(But we know that isn’t true) …

What were you thinking …

You don’t know why
I won’t give in
To ++++ with the pressure
I’m not cavin’ in …

I’m sorry for you
Not sorry for me
You don’t know who in the ++++ to
Or not to believe

You don’t know who you can trust now
Or you should believe …

You tell them stories they’d rather believe
Use an confuse them
They’re numb and naive

Truth is the truth hurts
Don’t you agree

Its harder to live
With the truth about you
Than to live with
The lies about me …

I’m sorry for you
Not sorry for me
You don’t know who in the ++++ to
Or not to believe
I’m sorry for you
Not sorry for me
You chose to hurt those that love you
An won’t set them free
You chose to hurt those that love you …

Some will miss the entire song because of a couple four letter words but I think it is incredibly powerful. Enjoy the song itself below.

There you have it.

Bobby V

5 Responses to “Reflections on the Weekend”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Wow. Great lyrics (thanks for the ++++). Jarring music. Like poetry set to a symphony of fingernails on a chalkboard.

  2. Josh Stump Says:

    Good stuff. All too often we miss the best poetry because of some word, musical genre, etc that we find disagreeable. Sometimes the profundities of a hurting heart can not be adequately expressed daintily.

  3. kingdomseeking Says:


    I am glad you had a great week with your children. I hope you all saw the turkey wink as you took a bite:-).

    Now, I must say that I see you posted a song. But you said that it was by Guns n’ Roses…what? By Axle Rose with a bunch of musicians… Yes, but GnR is Axle, Slash, Izzy, Duff, & Steve. I can accept Matt Sorum replacing the original drummer but GnR without Slash, Izzy, and Duff is not GnR.

    Alright, I am just giving you a hard time.

  4. David Cook Says:

    Hey Bobby,

    Great Post I just heard about what happened earlier this year and I was sorry to hear about that. I have recently updated my blog and I am going to get back at it. Talk to you later.

  5. Cheryl Russell Says:

    Good job on the dinner! Looks good!

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