17 Oct 2008

Well … Happenings

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Well … Happenings

Well … it is Thursday nite here in the desert. I am sitting on my porch enjoying the incredible evening air and the moonlight listening to Metallica’s new CD (Death Magnetic). In many ways it is classic Metallica with some songs that are akin to speed metal and may grow old on you if you are “old.” Songs like “The Day That Never Comes,” “The Unforgiven III” and the “The Judas Kiss” however are deeply moving songs at least to me.

Well … today is my dad’s birthday. I called him up to wish him a happy one and all he wanted to do was ask about how my struggles were going. I tried to brush that off but dad is … well dad. He is patient and I think feels more helpless than I do (if that is possible) … Happy birthday.

Well … my computer is now completely bug free and practically new … thanks Paul

Well … I was rereading the Gospel of John this week and was once again totally impressed with two things: just how Jewish Jesus really is and how important the “Exodus” traditions are to the writer. John begins in his Prologue by point to the “Old Testament” as the place to find salient features of Jesus’ life. Three major compass points perhaps are to be pointed out: Jesus’ passion is cast in terms of the passover; the wilderness wanderings are woven in various places with Jesus’ life; and Jesus and the tabernacle/temple are linked. The central part of the Exodus remembered by Jews was the slaughter of the Passover Lamb. Jesus is explicitly identified as the “lamb of God” (1.29, 36). John alone records that Jesus’ legs were not broken and then applies words about the Passover lamb to Jesus (Ex 12.46 in Jn 19.36). Then unlike the Synoptics John has the death of Jesus at the time of the slaughter of the lamb (John 13.1; 19.31). The blood of the Passover lamb was the marker of the salvation of the people of God. I will pass over comment on the other two themes for lack of space …

Well … I have been particularly agitated/ticked since Monday afternoon. No need to go into the story but sometimes you really feel like asking God when the BS will stop. BUT then I was thinking, and I do think this was the hand of God, that I am still a blessed person. I was feeling really persecuted on Tuesday but on that day I got a phone call from Jan and Daryl from Milwaukee that really cheered me, got an email from Lisa from Abilene, and Wednesday John Mark called, last night Jeanne Holt was giving me a hard time … well you know it is good to have friends. I still do not understand and my agitation is still there but there are people out there who have been cursed to walk this world with out friends and … well they are just poor wretches and I am grateful for friends and family. “A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for adversity” (Pr 17.17, NIV)

Well … what am I reading? I just finished James H. Charlesworth’s How Barisat Bellowed: Folklore, Humor, and Iconography in the Jewish Apocalypses and the Apocalypse of John (The Dead Sea Scrolls & Christian Origins Library, Vol. 3) and started Alec Baldwin’s A Promise to Ourselves: A Journey through Fatherhood and Divorce and have been laughing through Gary Larson’s The Complete Farside

Well … that’s all folks …

Seeking Shalom,
Bobby V

10 Responses to “Well … Happenings”

  1. Keith Brenton Says:

    How do you find time to read like that?

  2. -bill Says:

    Just so you will know…I’m thinking kind thoughts and praying for you each day.


  3. cwinwc Says:

    “…..sometimes you really feel like asking God when the BS will stop.”
    God bless you for having the courage and being open enough to share a thought that we’ve all had in challenging times.

    If you need a Florida get-away, look us up. Lifting you up in prayer.

  4. Frank Bellizzi Says:

    Divorced days are often the best of times and the worst of times. With no one waiting at home, you have long stretches where most everything is up to you. But when you come across something so great that it begs for someone you can share it with, you don’t often have another person nearby.

    I’ve spent many hours like that, true leisure time that I sort of wished I didn’t have.

    I’m thinking of you, my friend, and hope that a good measure of comfort comes your way.

  5. kingdomseeking Says:


    I know you mostly through the blogosphere but I just wanted to say that I appreciate your faith considering the struggle you have been living through. I don’t know how long or what it takes for the agony to be replaced with joy again but I do pray for that day to come to you.

    Your brother in Christ!


  6. AncientWanderer Says:


  7. Moon3eb~Lori Says:

    Hey Bobby
    Greeting from Milwaukee….
    I’m so greatful for knowing you.. there are so many people in the world and only a few percentage that we become aquainted with and become part of our “circle” in life. I’m glad you are part of mine and God placed you in my life if ever so briefly.

    In September I went back to work after my 2nd neck surgery and Carpel Tunnel surgery.. I was off for 10 weeks.. the week I went back my husband Mick lost his job after 8 years.. the next week we were in a car accident..the next week my daughter was in another accident…she’s still has pain.. my mom is having major surgery.. and my teen are struggling in school. that’s the short version 🙂
    Life is very challenging at the moment.. I almost feel like I’m being “tested”.
    The old Lori would have been so negative and hopeless.. world crashing in… but I have faith that things are happening for a reason..and my relationship with God is getting stronger.. as am I..

    It’s just hard going through it..and for me.. really putting the trust in God that things will be OK.. I mean I have faith in Him.. but since I have no control it’s hard…so do I really have faith or just simply believe?? It’s something I have to figure out.. to let go…and not worry.. since that’s what I normally do.

    Your lessons at church have taught me so much..and gave me a complete different outlook and have really helped me grow spiritually… so Thank you again.. you have helped me become strong..

    I am so glad that you are so open with your blog.. and that you are a humbled person. I am sorry that you are having struggles too… but you have so many people that care about you and pray for you..
    and you are finding some joy in life..

    to me…nothing on this earth is for certain.. we learned that with Mick losing his job… but I know I can count on the people that care about me and the relationships I’ve built. and you have plenty. I’m sure you’ve impacted peoples lives more than you know.. mine for sure.. and you are missed in Milwaukee!

    now that I’ve rambled on and hogged your blog I’ll just say… take care… and keep finding joy .. I know there’s plenty more sunshine around the corner…

    hmm with daylight savings in a few weeks.. maybe I should say there’s plenty more joy around the corner.. 🙂
    We’ll have ours……..
    you gave me hope for that 🙂


  8. cindym Says:

    I am not sure how to begin but I just went through a divorce and I’ve read where you posted it sucks. And it does! I have been blessed to have a very good friend in my life, Cheryl Russell, who pointed me to your blogs. I read your blogs and can relate so much to your what you are going through. I am walking in the same shoes.
    What is making me write to you, even though we don’t know each other, is when you wrote, you wanted to ask God to stop the bs, well, last week I did exactly that. I just threw up my arms and said thats it. I told God, I don’t need you, I think my life would be much better without Him. Then, God, “slapped me in the head and said I am writing the script here, not you.” So I have continued to got to my Bible studies and so forth….
    I have all the pain, anger, bitterness in me and I know deep down that God is going to take care of these feelings, in His time and boy do I long for the day for that to happen.
    I am sure people have told you, like me, that we will get threw this and God has a plan for us, but boy going through this is something I can’t really describe.
    My heart hurts for you because I can fully understand what you are experiencing. Sometimes I find myself questioning things about my faith that I was so positive I knew all about it.
    I have also read books on divorce, living life again, loving again…..but only in Him, will I find true love, unconditional love, faithfullness and trust.
    I just felt my heart told me to write to let you know that someone else is going through the same experience you are. I will be praying for you. I know God is right here beside me in the midst of this but it is still hard. I will never give up on God because He will never give up on me.
    I am so glad to know Him because He is the answer, He has the plan, and because of that, someday you and myself, I believe, we will be able to lead good lives.
    A sister in Christ always.

  9. fraizerbaz Says:

    I’ve tagged you for a MEME. See my blog http://fraizerbaz.blogspot.com/2008/10/photo-meme.html for the details…have fun playing!

  10. preacherman Says:

    I enjoyed XM’s last month of Manditory Metallica. I had a chance to hear a couple of songs from the new album. It reminded me of Kill Em All, Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets. It was great. I think this album goes back to their original roots. It is great!

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