9 Oct 2008

Traveling Around California

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Bobby's World

Traveling Around California

On Monday morning I dropped Rachael and Talya at their school and headed off into the distance. Until next Monday I will be taking a stress relieving trip through the deserts of Arizona and California … been to Phx, Needles, Barstow, Bakersfield tomorrow to the beach. Went to Lake Isabella and found the real bridge to no where (will post a picture soon).

Didn’t bring much … my little bible and phone … Just checking in …

Bobby V

11 Responses to “Traveling Around California”

  1. OUR_PLACE Says:

    from roger the barstonian

    if you get back this way, dont forget to stop at the beach, just a few miles southwest of here, at silverlakes – awesome north beach too.

    best regards, and write more
    roger born

  2. Royce Ogle Says:

    Royce (green with envy) says,

    Have fun and be safe!

  3. cwinwc Says:

    Sounds like “California Dreamin.”
    Wish I was with you.

  4. Jeanne Says:

    Thanks for checking in! Good to know you’re safe and well.

  5. Vonnie Says:

    Glad to know you made it OK. Tom and I are in Kauai, Hawaii at the moment. I’ll take this over Bakersfield any day. I’d actually take this over almost anywhere else.

  6. Gardner Hall Says:

    God bless you on your trip.

  7. rich Says:

    it is late thursday night

    i live real close to the clairmont school of theology if your around


    blessings i check blog in the morning to see if you are around


  8. preacherman Says:

    I went to needle once. It was as hot as the surface of the sun. So don’t wear any jackets. Don’t drive through needs during the heat of the day or it will melt your tires. I hope you have a fun trip.

  9. preacherman Says:

    While you are there check out Pismo Beach. It is a lot of fun!

  10. Cheryl Russell Says:

    Blessings as you travel my friend!

  11. preacherman Says:

    Take the 101 the coastal Hwy.
    It is worth it!
    Curves are great and the veiw heavenly.

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