2 Oct 2008

READINGS: Left to Right

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Readings: Left to Right

Did you know that 40% of Americans are single? That is a lot. I am one of them. How are churches ministering to singles. Here is an interesting piece from Boundless webzine “Mind the ‘Single-Minded’ Church

Did you read the proposal by PETA to Ben & Jerry’s to use breast milk rather than cow’s milk for their icecream! “How About A Double Scoop of Mama’s Milk

We have returned to the planet Mercury after 35 year … see cool pics and info at NASA’s Messenger site

Here is a sort of mini-analysis of “Starbucks Theology” by Wayne Jackson in the Christian Courier. It seems to me that the quoted objection should reveal to us how folks often think of heaven … the antidote is the biblical teaching on the New Heavens and New Earth which of course is heresy to Jackson … “Starbucks Theology

The United States has long been the world’s largest distributor of military weapons and to all kinds of folks. In the last year or so the military establishment has made huge profits from the sale of weapons, “U.S. Pushing through Dozens of Weapons Deals

If you would like to see an actual comparison of US expenditures vs. the rest of the world (i.e. China, Russia, Europe, etc) then you find this eye opening, “World Military Spending” Make sure you study the pie charts about midway down.

Here is a short and interesting essay on the “Liturgical Authority of the Old Testament

My friend and fellow blogger Danny Dodd shows us the gracious truth that there is hope, grace and LIFE after divorce “The Blessings of the 5-0

And John Mark is blogging about that book I’ve yet to read “The Shack

Enjoy the links …
Bobby V

10 Responses to “READINGS: Left to Right”

  1. Ramblin' Red Says:


    I’m so sorry – I’ve been so scarce this year that I completely missed your posts about getting divorced (just caught up with an archive search though).

    Praying for God to heal you and your family.

  2. wjcsydney Says:

    Hi Bobby
    Good article about singles. I’m in a different demographic, but one even more neglected by the church. That of a married person who attends church without their spouse, usually because the spouse is a non-believer. My experience is that fellowship out of service times is difficult.

  3. johnmarkhicks Says:

    Does this mean I’m on the right? I don’t mind. 🙂

    And why haven’t you read the Shack, my friend? I think you would would enjoy it and find it meaningful.


  4. Alan Says:

    My dad and Wayne Jackson were old friends. I didn’t know him that well and I lived in the same town…and an elder at the “liberal” church across town. I do buy an occasional latte from Starbucks (I even did some work on a seizmic retrofit to the Seattle headquarters when I lived in Washington..met the bossman once). But what do you expect..I am a long-haired hippie liberal latte sipping elite.

    I am a science nerd so I have been following all the missions that NASA has going on. After the Messenger Mission is finished my book on Mercury will really be out of date.

    The expenditures on arms by the US is a startling amount. I’ve known it for years (I am a history major..and foreign policy nerd) but this is only part of the problem. We are spending so much on military budgets that we nearly equal the rest of the entire planet combined…..yet we have no money to provide healthcare for those that can’t afford it. This is disgraceful for a “Christian Nation”.

    I am not planning to read the Shack…so I hope you do and do a review so I can at least know what it is about.

    Blessing Bobby…and Let it Be

  5. Alan Says:

    PS…it was a Republican president and former general who warned us about the Military-Industrial complex in the 1950s…and was he every so right. I miss Republicans like him.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    How did you minister to singles before the D?

  7. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    honestly I simply tried to love them and make them feel welcome …

  8. muriel b Says:

    You really should read The Shack. It has opened my eyes and my heart to so many things I have never thought of before. I am currently reading it for the third time. John Mark Hicks’ blogs, which I just read, have also shed some light on some subjects I did not realize were there. I have never been very good at analyzing literature for hidden, or not so hidden themes. It brought me closer to God by opening by eyes to the friend, caregiver, comforter and father we have in heaven.


  9. Cheryl Russell Says:

    I loved The Shack. It’s emphasis on relationship was right on. The blogs on arms dealing reminded me of the movie Ironman.

  10. Matthew Says:

    Thanks for sharing the articles.

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