26 Sep 2008

Poetry From the Road

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Bobby's World

Poetry From the Road …

Well I intended to stay longer in Abilene. I am beat though. My phone, which is also my alarm clock, died in the night. I did not wake untl 8:20 … about 6:20 AZ time. I was/am tired. I visited with Dr. Berryhill for a little while and went to the Center for Restoration Studies and dug around for a while. I discovered a few sources on Moser in some of the J. D. Thomas papers and found more on John P. Lewis too. But I decided to head back to the desert. First I stopped by ACU/Leafwood Press to visit with my friend Lisa and also talked with Leonard Allen. We talked about my work on Moser a little and about when I might be done with this biography. I headed to Taco Beueno about 12.30ish and got on the road around 1ish. I’ve been driving across the western half of Texas all day long. the cool part was the B-1 bomber that flew over the highway as I was leaving Abilene.

As I have been driving I have become contemplative and sort of poetic … if that can happen with me. Some I made up and some I’m sure I learned from others … this one is from the godfather of rock … i’ll keep mine to myself … for now …

“Look into the future
Look into my eyes and tell me
everything’s all right
Tell me where we’re going
I’m afraid ‘cos I don’t know
what going on in my life …

From somewhere between El Paso and Las Crusas.

Bobby Valenitne

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