20 Sep 2008

ACU Lectures … Jerusalem of the West

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ACU Lectures…
Jerusalem of the West

This coming week I will be joining thousands of others in the annual trek to “Jerusalem of the West” … or “Rome” depending on your point of view I suppose … for the ACU Lectures. I will actually be leaving tomorrow after morning worship, I drop the girls off with their mother (wish they could come!), and proceed to make the 12 hour drive through New Mexico and West Texas.

I am excited about the lectures this year. The theme this year is “The Righteousness of God” obviously from the letter to the Romans. There are many good speakers and many great classes going to be offered this year. Since it is nearly impossible to talk about “Romans” in the Churches of Christ without mentioning K. C. Moser (Gist of Romans) I was greatly honored when I was invited to present three classes on Moser. I am very excited about this. It is quite interesting that Moser will be a featured subject because for years he was “persona non grata” at these lectures because he was such a “heretic.” Indeed, according to one student at Abilene Christian College (at that time) told me that in his senior year (1954) when his professor learned he was from Twelth & Drexel Church of Christ in Oklahoma City (Moser’s church at the time) he spent almost the whole semester attacking “brother Moser.”

My classes on Moser will highlight some of the material that will end up in my biography of this apostle of grace to the Churches of Christ. The general heading for my sessions is:

Walking With the Spirit: The Transitions of K. C. Moser

The first class will have the sub-heading “Heritage: Moser’s Texas Roots” in which I want to explore how Texas shaped Moser’s theological outlook in his early years and provides a key to understanding why he was viewed with such suspicion in later years.

The second class has the sub-heading “Awakening: Moser’s Spiritual Crises.” In this class I will trace Moser’s journey through the roaring ’20s drawing on material that had previously been virtually unknown and casts incredible light on who he was and what he taught. We will see that Moser was a die hard “Texas Tradition” adherent but by the end of the decade became a traitor and heretic and became alienated from so many.

The third class will have the sub-heading “Dawn: Moser’s Spiritual Legacy.” In this particular presentation I want to trace out how Moser has shaped the renewal among Churches of Christ in a way that he could never dream.

If you are in Abilene I hope you will stop by and say hello.

Seeking Shalom,
Bobby Valentine

P.S. I will try to post some updates from the lectures

11 Responses to “ACU Lectures … Jerusalem of the West”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Hey, have fun! I won’t get to “stop by and say hello,” but if you run into my sister Jan http://www.onlineacuhighered.com/program/faculty.asp, tell her hi for me!

  2. Jeanne Says:

    And be sure to post something when you get to town so we’ll know that you got there safely.

  3. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    Ahh. Jeanne it is about 2 am here in Abilene but I am alive. Did get pulled over but it was not in Van Horn it was near Colorado City … about 12.30ish local time. The first time in my life I got off with a warning!!! I almost kissed that officer … good thing she was good looking, 😉

    Bobby V

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You forgot that the speed limit drops to 70 after Pecos… of course I’m thinking you probably didn’t care when you saw the trooper was female;) Glad you made it safely Bobby, will see you around on campus…Bob

  5. Jeanne Says:

    That officer probably saved your life. Glad you’re there safely. Hope your classes go well!

  6. johnmarkhicks Says:

    Your outline looks great, my friend. I look forward to hearing them by cd. 🙂

    John Mark

  7. Cheryl Russell Says:

    Ah man! I wish we could be there! The class outline looks great. We will keep you in our prayers.

  8. Tammy Says:

    Glad you made it safely! It’s very interesting to read up on your visit to ACU and the lectures with K.C. Moser. I look forward to hearing all about it. I hope you have a great time and will be praying for your safe return as well:)

  9. cwinwc Says:

    I would love to be there. Hope the Lectures go well for you.

  10. Kathy Says:

    Bless YOU, Bobby for the unexpected blessing you showered on me re. my dad. You will always be especially dear to me for that blessing. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and Wednesday’s lectures. Your subject is fascinating. I guess I’m a closet historian. LOL

    Again, may our LORD continue to richly bless you and yours!!


  11. Royce Ogle Says:


    Man, how I wish I could be there! I am so curious how the important texts about righteousness in Romans will be handled. And, your classes sound wonderful! Finally, it’s a shame Bro’ Edward Fudge has had to cancel due to health issues. He is another who walks in Moser’s tracks.


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