19 Jul 2008

Tagged From A to Z by Wade

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I am currently in Nashville Tennessee sitting in the Comfort Inn doing a seminar on “Spiritual Renewal” for the Green Ridge Church of Christ. A fine group of God’s People let me tell you. Jack Martin is serving them as a minister and doing a great job. I am having a good time.

I noticed last nite that my good friend Wade has tagged me with a list of questions from A to Z. As I understand the unspoken etiquette of tagging I am supposed to respond with answers to the questions and then tag someone else. So here goes:

A. Attached or Single: I am a divorced single … I hate the sound of that

B. Best Friend: Wade, John Mark Hicks, Lee Freeman and (shock) Don Neyland and Greg Tidwell

C. Cake or Pie: Cheese cake

D. Day of Choice: Saturday

E. Essential Item: Harley or laptop

F. Flavor of Ice Cream: chocolate with Reeses peanut butter cup

G. Gummy bears or Worms: let me bite the head off of a gummy bear

H. Hometown: Metropolis (Florence, Al)

I. Indulgences: poker with the preacher

J. January or July: September … football!!

K. Kids: Rachael (13) and Talya (11)

L. Last Movie I saw in a Theater: Get Smart (one of the funniest movies ever!)

M. Middle Name: Wolverine

N. Number of Siblings: Four but not all claim me

O. Orange or Apples: apples

P. Phobias or fears: growing old alone

Q. Quote: “If you get Romans God gets you” — K. C. Moser

R. Reasons to Smile. I truly am blessed. I have the two greatest daughters a man could ask for. I have a great church family. I have a super bike to zip down the road on …

S. Season: There all the same in Tucson

T. Tag: Don Neyland and Steve Puckett

U. Unknown fact about me: I have a Batman toothbrush

V. Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: give me a steak

W. Worst Habit: procrastinating.

X. X-rays or Ultra-sounds; Superman and I share 20-20 x-ray vision

Y. Your favorite food: mexican or italian

Z. Zodiac: Orion the Hunter … to bad his is not part of the Zodiac

4 Responses to “Tagged From A to Z by Wade”

  1. Wade Tannehill Says:

    Wolverine, huh? Wish I had a Batman toothbrush. I’ve got a Batman everything else. Think I’ll check out Get Smart on your recommendation.

  2. Jeanne Says:

    Bobby, Bobby, Bobby… the seasons in Tucson are not all the same! They are just different from the rest of the world,and more subtly differentiated from each other. It goes something like this:

    July-August: monsoon (humidity,afternoon downpours)
    September-October: fall recovery (temperatures drop to 90’s-80’s, you can go outside all day)
    November-February: winter (mountain snows, valley rain showers, people shiver thru 50 degree temps)
    March-April: spring (palo verde trees bloom, we break out the shorts again)
    May: summer (cactus blossoms)
    June: uber-summer (cactus fruit sets, mountain fires start, 100+ degree temps, people stay inside 8am-6pm unless you’re in the pool)

    Easterners have to be knocked over the head with their daffodils and snowstorms and leaf-piles and such to know what time of year it is. Here in the wild west, we learn to read the signs a bit more carefully. Don’t worry,Bobby, you’ll get the hang of it.

  3. Steve Puckett Says:

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  4. Steve Puckett Says:

    Since I’ve been away from the blogging world for a while, I hope it’s okay if I respond to my “Tag” here. I did spend a week in North Alabama recently and enjoyed the vegetables and black berry cobbler.


    A. Attached or Single: Married 30 years to the same beautiful woman.

    B. Best Friend: John Tuttle

    C. Cake or Pie: Blackberry cobbler

    D. Day of Choice: Friday–my original birthday

    E. Essential Item: Everything apple

    F. Flavor of Ice Cream: New Orleans Pralines and Pecan

    G. Gummy bears or Worms: Gag a maggot–neither.

    H. Hometown: The real big M town–Maud, Al

    I. Indulgences: Shiner Bock

    J. January or July: January –NCAA football championship!

    K. Kids: Whitney (20) and Kelsey (17)

    L. Last Movie I saw in a Theater: The Dark Knight and it is very dark. Don’t take a young kid to this one.

    M. Middle Name: Mitchell

    N. Number of Siblings: One wonderful sister, dang, she probably won’t read this.

    O. Orange or Apples: apples.

    P. Phobias or fears: Smothering to death.

    Q. Quote: “Wherever God has a child, I have a brother or sister.” Carl Ketcherside

    R. Reasons to Smile. My wife of 30 years and two daughters who have given me “mostly” joy.

    S. Season: The sun always shines in Florida, but I miss the beautiful fall and spring days of North Alabama.

    T. Tag: Cecil Walker and Greg England

    U. Unknown fact about me: I received my driver’s license when I turned 16 and two weeks later I was driving a school bus.

    V. Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: All things God has given us are good for food!

    W. Worst Habit: Crack . . . . . ing my knuckles . . .ha!

    X. X-rays or Ultra-sounds; X-rays–that’s how the doc found the torn tendon in my shoulder and I’ve been recovering from the surgery ever since.

    Y. Your favorite food: Tenderloins, my mom’s homemade rolls and blackberry cobbler.

    Z. Zodiac: Libra.

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