12 May 2008

Things I Have Learned …

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Things I Have Learned …

Two thousand and eight has been very educational for me. I feel like I have been learning as much or more than when I was a teen!!! Here are a few things I have learned …

1) Parking lots are the most dangerous place in the world if you are on a Harley …

2) Who Rachel Ray is, and that EVOO means Extra Virgin Olive Oil πŸ™‚

3) That some people are prejudiced against preachers, teachers or anyone with a “degree”

4) Divorce sucks

5) Don’t ever go through the drive through at Wendy’s on a Harley to order a Frosty … It doesn’t work!!!!

6) That I like Cheetos better than Cheese Puffs

7) Not everyone is telling you the truth

8) God’s People, in spite of their imperfections, are incredible people

9) The most comfortable bed at the men’s retreat is in my tent!!!

10) Walking by faith is not for the faint hearted …

Some of the things I have learned that I never really knew before. May my experience benefit you.

Seeking Shalom,
Bobby Valentine

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  1. Chris Gallagher Says:

    I laughed as I pictured you with a Frosty on a Harley because I know that Frosty and Kawasakis do not work well either.

  2. nick Says:

    So is that how you order a Frosty at the drive-through?



  3. Dee Andrews Says:

    Hey, Bobby –

    I read your posts all the time, but haven’t commented in a long time. Sorry about that.

    But, I had to comment on this one because you list some very good things to know that we all need to learn.

    Like that divorce sucks. I read your divorce posts and all of the comments and didn’t comment then, but I, too, have been divorced (after 24 years and with three kids) and it was horrible. I didn’t know until you posted that you had been divorced. How long ago was that? For me it’s been a long while.

    I’m now very happily married to a terrific guy who is the best thing that ever happened to me and I thank God every minute of every day for him!

    May God richly bless you and your family in your marriage and work!

    As for Rachel Ray and EVOO – how did you learn about her here in 2008 and how could you have MISSED her before?! That’s interesting.

    In fact, the Food channel is one of the most interesting on cable or satellite TV, in my estimation and one of my favorites to watch. It’s fun, entertaining and informative, all in a positive way. Plus, who doesn’t like to eat!

    I mean, you might even find a spot on one of the Food channel shows, yourself, about what NOT to do on a motorcycle at Wendy’s drive through when you’re thinking of how good a Frosty would be!

    (Sorry – I couldn’t resist!)

    Cheers & Blessings to you all today from south Mississippi via Abilene!


  4. Stoogelover Says:

    I wish there had been another way to learn some of the lessons I’ve learned in life, but at least we are still able to learn! Thanks for sharing and giving me something on which to chew.

  5. Moon3eb Says:

    I’ve learned alot from you actually..and I don’t know that I’ve ever said Thank You…so….
    Thank You!

    I’m not sure you remember me but you were the reason I started coming to Southside Church… or the reason I came back.
    Whatever your lessons were.. they spoke to my heart and it just made sense.. after a lifetime of another religeon, God finally made sense to me.
    You sat down with me and talked about baptism… and than I was baptized..thanks for that too!

    My family stopped going to church for awhile and I was sorry to see you left the church..but happy that you were going on to further your life in God. We miss you that’s for sure.

    My goal is to get back to church.. I feel something missing in my life.. and I felt so much better being around the Southside family, even though I didn’t know too many.. too well..

    I know things may be rough right now but I wanted you to know how much you’ve really changed my spirit.. my relationship with God.. and what a positive influence you have on people.

    We love ya up in Milwaukee!
    Lori Moore

  6. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    Lori I do remember you with find memories. I am moved by your words and I thank God that you have shared them. You have brightened my day. Thank you and I pray that God will bless you.

    Seeking Shalom,
    Bobby Valentine

  7. preacherman Says:

    Bobby wonderful post brother. You blog is great. I enjoy reading it as much as possible.I know God has great thing in store for you.

    I was wondering if you and your readers wouldn’t mind stopping by my blog and leave a comment and say a prayer for a family who is going through the roughest trial that I have ever heard of in my time of ministry. Please….Your comment could make a difference brother.
    God bless
    In Him
    Kinney Mabry

  8. Vonnie Says:

    Please add to your list –

  9. Anonymous Says:

    #5 – hahaha πŸ™‚

  10. Greetings From Tucson Says:

    You forgot to add on your list that you look at Scripture with new eyes…as you stated while preaching on Sunday.
    Awesome sermon!
    – Sandy

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Bobby, not meaning to be negative but I have learned that I detest that word s—-s. It ought not be used by Christians.
    Again, thanks for allowing me (and the world) to read your blog and make not meaning to be negative comments)
    I have prayed for you recently about the things going on in your life.
    Sonny Owens

  12. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    Sonny I was not meaning to offend you but I think that is the perfect word for divorce. And in my personal experience with divorce it is a word “fitly spoken” for the occasion.

    Seeking Shalom,
    Bobby Valentine

  13. Anonymous Says:

    You didn’t offend me. I truly believe there are words that we should leave off. S_ _ _ s is one of them. It really doesn’t make for a perfect word. God hates divorce and so should we but to use words that are inappropriate are just that, inappropriate.

    As I am fussing I too used a word the other day that I too need to divorce.

  14. David U Says:

    Bobby, it was great to see you too brother……even if it was just to greet you for a short moment!
    God bless you and your ministry.

    In HIM,

    P.S. From my seat in the bleachers, my observation concurs with yours that divorce sucks.

  15. D. Doser Says:

    “3) That some people are prejudiced against preachers, teachers or anyone with a ‘degree'”

    I’m not sure whether to post this comment here or under last weeks entry regarding room for “preachers” and “scholars” in the church.

    I think the perspective you are refering to is more of a “world view” that manifests itself in many aspects of an individual’s life who considers themselves “anti-intellectual.”

    I was in college in the mid 1980’s. From a rural southern IL area. Town of 9,000. Local Church of Christ I was a member of was located a few miles out of town with most members involved in farming. I was the first in my family to go to college. Everyone I knew was supportive of bettering oneself through education. There was one member, however – and only one – at the time who would constantly devalue higher education and people with degrees.

    I think there has been a change over the past 20+ years in this area. This “anti-intellectualism” seems to be a product of the convergence of Republican politics and the evangelical/fundamentalist church. In both cases – somehow – science/facts/knowledge is seen as a threat to each.

    (I still can’t understand how our current president for the past 8 years – with an MBA and an undergraduate degree from Ivy league schools can constantly “crap” all over “elites” and “intellectuals.”)

    While I have an advance degree, I don’t consider myself to be a “scholar” – But my education has shaped my world view….and honestly, my intellectual curiosity has served to strenghten my faith as opposed to destoying it.

    Currently in my urban church their is a strong sense of anti-intellectualism and a predominately Republican membership. Even our highly educated, vocally Republican minister (from AR) seems to downplay his intellect when addressing the congregation.

    Our adult Bible study class is lead by a brother (and I love him deeply) who admits he doesn’t like reading books. We read one Max Lucado book after another. (Now I have nothing against Max Lucado – he writes very beautifully and his writing has led to some deeper theological discussions.)

    At the end of one Lucado book – I suggested we do a book on Heaven by Joe Beam. Instead, our facilitator showed up with copies of Heaven by Alcorn (GREAT book by the way). We began that study and I thought it was great – good scripture; good theological perspective/discussion; it was challenging – but, about 4-5 sections into the book, Our facilitator decided to quit the book because it was too theological – “We already get this.” Everyone agreed (except me) and then we went on to the next Max Lucado book.

    Since then I have emailed the class a couple other book suggestions that we could do next -(a couple recommened on this blog) with links for the class to check out. Not one response – positive or negative.

    Sometimes I think, we have matured/learned just enough to get us into the water (saved) and then just stop learning, thinking, maturing as Christians.

    Knowledge and intellectual curiosity is not a threat to Faith – at least it doesn’t have to be. [Quite honestly, it enhances mine.)

    Sorry for the long rant – just had to get that out there.

    (None of this should be taken as a pro-Democrat rant. Personally I’ve taken a Lipscomb-like theological stance on my role with civil government. I’d rather trust God vs. the Republicans or Democrats.))

    Take care,
    In Christian love,

  16. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    Doug I appreciate your insightful comments.

    Bobby V

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, David Underwood are you kin to David Underwood, teacher at IBC years back? He was a hero of mine. I was 15 having knee surgery from a football injury. Not a Christian at the time. He came to my room and prayed for me. Years later, I am now a Christian, I met him and he became a teacher of mine at IBC. If you are kin to him and he is your dad. You have a great dad and a super mom. I love them both

    And you may be in the wrong bleachers:-)

  18. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:


    There is a relation between DU and DU, πŸ˜‰

    On the bleachers … I can only say that if you walk in the shoes of the one divorced then you might think slightly differently. That is all I will say.

    Bobby Valentine

  19. Anonymous Says:

    wasn’t meaning to be judgmental and yes I am sure divorce is tremendously difficult. My comments were not about divorce but about words we use. Don’t expect you to comment because it is not that important.

    In Christ we must choose to stay away from the worlds ways. Remember I said I too must be careful as well.

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