25 Mar 2008

Words: Heal and Destroy (Proverbs 16.24)

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Discipleship, Kingdom, Ministry, Preaching, Proverbs, Spiritual Disciplines


Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones” (Proverbs 16.24). Words, aren’t they something! Stop and think for a moment about the ability that we enjoy of communicating verbally with one another.

There is a connection between the gift of speech and the image of God reflected in every human life. The Prologue of John’s Gospel describes the Word of God in all its power, love, light and finally its humanness. God’s most complete exposure of himself to us took the form of a Word—a word made human. Words are indeed the stuff of life.

Satan, however, often turns words into the poison of death. Have you noticed that nearly every time God speaks, the Adversary is there to counter with a different word? Just as God communicates through us, Satan can also use our mouths as megaphones for his message, his hate, his destruction—his words.

Words are powerful. Words spear, cut, slice, and lance. Words infect. Words destroy. Words burn. Words divide. Words lead to war. Words kill!

Words. God’s gifts which supply hope, healing, friendship, and redemption. Words. Satan’s most trustworthy tools for undoing the bond of love that binds God’s people.

A choice faces us as we enter each day. Our words—to whom do they belong? Our speech—who owns it through our lives? Our Lord—or someone else?

Let no bad words come out of your mouth, but only those which strengthen our build up as the occasion requires, so that grace might be given to those who hear you.” (Ephesians 4.29, NCV).

Think About it,
Bobby Valentine

7 Responses to “Words: Heal and Destroy (Proverbs 16.24)”

  1. Falantedios Says:

    Words are exactly what vanquish me so often. The words of well-meaning teachers with whom I disagree, but who believe that such disagreement leads to damnation.

    I might disagree with them, but I know I’m fallible too! What if I’m wrong?

    I’m really wrestling with this over on Fumbling. If you have any ideas, please come and share them.

    in HIS love,

  2. Steve Puckett Says:

    I like this Tom Wright quote that has a little less than flattering look at human words.

    “The word became flesh,” says St. John, “and the church has turned the flesh back into words.”


  3. Tim Archer Says:

    I’ve often thought that if I really applied Ephesians 4:29 in my life, I’d talk a whole lot less!

    Grace and peace,

  4. preacherman Says:

    We will be “judged by every careless word spoken.” That makes me want to control what I say. Bobby great post brother.
    I hope you have a great week!

  5. Gardner Hall Says:

    Thanks for these words

  6. kingdomseeking Says:

    Recently I have noticed a trend among some Christians of dropping a F-bomb or other words as a way of intentional expression. If we would take the context of Ephesians seriously when we read that passage that Bobby cited then we would realize that as people who have been made alive in Christ, we are being instructed to speak as people who are alive in Christ. Though I realize the scope of Eph 4.29 has more in mind than just what culture deems as vulgar language, there is no place for such language in the Christian vocabulary. If we are truly the redeemed then our speech should sound like we have been redeem from a dead life into a living life in Christ.


  7. Susan K Says:

    This is a great post and beautifully stated. I will keep a copy of this in my Bible to read over often. I have enjoyed so many of your posts and find myself looking for a new one every day.

    Thank you for your words.

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