15 Feb 2008

Prayer for Healing Rain … Michael W. Smith

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As we argue and fight about the most significant stuff in the world like hand clapping, how many particles of pepper is a precise sacrifice, and other earth shattering things of importance, people are literally dying for a word of hope.

We have a word of hope. We have a word of healing. For those of us that know what brokenness is we have learned that the healing rain of God is what we need more than anything.  If your religion focuses upon such nonsense then you have not embraced Christianity which deals with the deepest and most painful thing in the universe … the HUMAN CONDITION.  So many in our churches come looking for a drop of that healing mercy that comes down from God.  They are begging for it. I know I need it desperately and if you are honest with yourself you do too.  Our unity, our fellowship, is not in the perfection of our counting but in the need we have for healing grace … Michael W. Smith always reminds me of my need.  I have feasted on this song many many times in recent times. May it be your prayer …

Please Lord … Send your healing rain …

“[I]t is amid the disappointments of life, in the days of mourning and desolation, in the hours of self-abasement and penitential love, that we meet with Jesus. It is in the home of poverty and in the lowly mansion of the wretched that we have fellowship with Christ.

Robert Richardson, Communings in the Sanctuary, p. 77

6 Responses to “Prayer for Healing Rain … Michael W. Smith”

  1. WendyC Says:

    One of my favourites, Bobby! Praying!!!

  2. ben overby Says:

    I continue to pray for you, Pamela, the kids. Everyday.

  3. Steve Puckett Says:

    I like this book as well. We are using one Wright’s books in our adult Sunday school as we study Romans. He does seems to have an ability to engage others at their level whether scholarly or “person in the pew.”

    I really like Michael W. Smith. He gave a concert at NPC in Nashville a while back and told the story of his relationship to George W. Bush. He said the President called him “W.”


  4. JD Says:

    I love you, Bobby.

    That’s an awesome video. We have watched that in our recovery group. Very effective.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Thankyou Bobby for sharing with us where you are at this time I also pray that God will continue to pour upon you His healing rain.

    Blessings to you and those whom you love.


  6. David Kirk Says:

    I appreciate your blog!

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