24 Jan 2008

Trusting God … A Thought and a Prayer

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Bobby's World, Prayer, Restoration History, Spiritual Disciplines

Trusting God … A Thought and a Prayer

“Let us trust our little selves with the Lord; and rest not, till by faith in the promised Holy Spirit and by incessant prayer we receive and be filled with it, like they were of old, in the ancient order of things.” (Barton W. Stone in the Christian Messenger in 1843)

Easier said than done God. I am trying to trust my little self with you but I am dying to walk by sight. Act in my life and my family’s life today. Grant your Holy Spirit so that I may discern, understand and do your will. A drop of mercy is mighty indeed and we simply covet a crumb from your table of grace …

Bobby Valentine

11 Responses to “Trusting God … A Thought and a Prayer”

  1. Gardner Hall Says:


  2. cwinwc Says:

    It is an amazing paradox that those of us in “church leadership” are trusted by man when we at times do not trust ourselves.

  3. Ramblin' Red Says:

    oh ditto, ditto….

  4. preacherman Says:

    Great post brother.
    I great prayer indeed.
    Amen and Amen!
    If we all could live it.
    Strive for it I will!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful disciples prayer with us all.
    In Him,
    Kinney Mabry

  5. Zack Says:

    All I can say is Amen! Great prayer. I should say that one myself.
    God bless!

  6. Falantedios Says:

    Stone and Harding were such giants of audacious and brave prayer.

    You encourage all of us to kneel beside them, and you.

    Jude 20-21

    in HIS love,

  7. Rex Says:

    Most of our life we spend as “armchair” quarterback when it comes to faith and prayer. Then…something happens and we struggle to even find the faith that prayer calls us to have.

    Ithaca Church of Christ
    Ithaca, NY


  8. AncientWanderer Says:

    Just remember God isn’t bound by time. As we slowly ponder and absorb each excruciating second… He has already seen the glorious outcome. 🙂

  9. Wade Tannehill Says:

    I’ll be praying Stone’s prayer with you and for you.

  10. Dee O'Neil Andrews Says:

    Thanks, Bobby, for the thoughts and the prayer. I pray with you.

    Much love,


  11. Anonymous Says:

    Man up.

    God gave you the tools for faith, which includes the ability to have faith in yourself.

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