13 Dec 2007

Snow Capped Mountains in the Desert

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Bobby's World, Tucson

Snow in the Desert … at least on the Mountains

While the rest of the country has been getting pummeled with ice and snow … old man winter has hit the desert with a vengeance, 😉 Well you would think so … we have had rain. Very unusual here in the desert. But we did get some snow. That is way up on the mountains. I have posted a few photos which hardly do justice to the beautify of it all.

Just in case you wonder about those kinds of things, the snow line is at 6,500 feet.

This is my Father’s World …

Bobby Valentine

9 Responses to “Snow Capped Mountains in the Desert”

  1. Carisse Says:

    …and you are standing WHERE to make these photos?

  2. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    I climbed on top of the roof of the church building, 🙂

    Blessings to Abilene,
    Bobby V

  3. Matthew Says:

    Pretty, also thank you for adding to the conversation about debating. You stuff was great.

  4. Gardner Hall Says:

    People up here hate the snow, but since I was raised in North Alabama where snow was a rare but magical event for children, I still like it, at least six inches or less of it.

  5. preacherman Says:

    Beautiful pics.
    Thanks for sharing them with us.
    I think it shouts of God’s wonderful glory.

    Oh, one thing they couldn’t get me to do is get on top the church building :-). It is too high and not in my contract. 🙂

    Again, thanks for sharing these wonderful pics with us. Seeing the beauty has given me peace and something to meditate on tonight.

    In Him,
    Kinney Mabry

  6. Bill Says:

    Great pics, Bobby.

    I’ve spent many a winter shoveling what seemed like tons of that white stuff. Perhaps not as much as you did in Wisconsin, but there was a lot of it.

    With that being said, you have a bit of an idea why I had to pinch myself several times earlier today to be sure that I wasn’t dreaming. You see, I was sitting on the lanai answering emails and returning phone calls in 80+ degree weather.

    I’m glad to know that others love the white stuff, but for now I’m thankful to be hanging my hat in this corner of our Father’s world.

    Merry Christmas,
    Spiritual Oasis Blog

  7. Rex Says:

    Where I live the snow line is just right out my front door. Right now I think I would enjoy a snow line of 6,500 feet.

    Ithaca Church of Christ
    Ithaca, NY


  8. David Kirk Says:


  9. Greetings From Tucson Says:

    What you didn’t mention to the folks from out of town, is that is the view you have out your office window every day – with your desk pointed so that you can look out the window! Thanks for the nice pictures!

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