4 Dec 2007

New Wineskins & A Gathered People

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A Gathered PeopleNew Wineskins & A Gathered People

New Wineskins magazine has graciously called attention to A Gathered People: Revisioning the Assembly as Transforming Encounter (Leafwood 2007) by John Mark Hicks, Johnny Melton and Bobby Valentine. Greg Taylor, New Wineskins editor, has excerpted large sections of chapter one and published them in the current issue. For those who would like to have a “taste” of the flavor of the book then follow this link

A Gathered People in New Wineskins

I am grateful and humbled by Greg and the editors of New Wineskins for calling attention to our work on the assembly and worship.

Bobby Valentine

4 Responses to “New Wineskins & A Gathered People”

  1. preacherman Says:

    I am excited about wineskins being free and excessable to everyone now.
    I thought the article was wonderful.
    God bless your brother.

    In Him,
    Kinney Mabry

  2. George Says:


    I’ve just about finished reading the book and hope to post a review in th next couple of weeks, both in my church bulletin and on my blog. I think you all offer some very interesting, good, and Biblical challenges.


  3. Vonnie Says:

    I just finished reading your comment in Greg’s post and no you can’t have a break.

  4. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    Vonnie its nice to be wanted, 🙂

    George why don’t you post a link to your blog so that my readers can go over and see.

    Bobby Valentine

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