24 Sep 2007

ACU Lectures

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Back from Abilene and On with Life

Well, Friday afternoon I made the long and boring drive from Abilene, TX to Tucson, AZ. Actually the view gets better the further west you go and by the time you hit AZ there are beautiful mountains … the sunset on the mountains is quite stunning.

I had a wonderful time at the ACU Lectures. I met fellow blogger Frank Bellizzi in the Center for Restoration Studies. It was a very providential meeting.

I took in Mike Casey’s class on Garfield Todd. Todd was a Disciples minister in Rhodesia, Africa. He became Prime Minister and became heavily involved in justice for the African people. His is a great story. John Willis’ lectures on Micah were great. I was sadly disappointed that Tom Olbricht was not able to make the lectures. I highly recommend getting the CDs to Willis’ class (these can be ordered from Gaylor Multimedia).

Most of the keynote addresses are worth ordering copies of. Jerry Taylor, Landon Saunders and Jeff Walling exceeded their own high standards. Walling’s sermon was, possibly, the best sermon I have ever heard him preach.

Thursday evening, a day after the lectures, I visited with Randy Harris and made plans PV’s men’s retreat he will be doing in April of 2008.

I visited with Fran Moser Winkles and her husband Dub several times. These are wonderful people. Thursday while at the Winkles I made a “providential” discovery. I found a book that at first looked simply like a bound copy of The Gist of Romans (that is what it said on the spine). But upon opening the book it was rather a alphabetical listing of every preacher and preacher student (from ACC, Harding, OCC, York, FHC, Pepperdine) that Moser sent a copy of his book to. The info included the name, location and date of the recipient. It was fascinating to see names as diverse as Bill Love and Hugo McCord listed. This is a little goldmine …

I am slowly but surely coming to a deeper appreciation of Moser’s life and one day this will express itself in a theological biography of the man.

I was glad to pull into the drive way late Friday night. I decided to go to bed … and then at 5 am my lovely wife decided to go for a run (she is training for a marathon!!) so I got up and went with her. I was nearly dead afterwards …

I continued my class called “A Gathered People” only now those who wanted a book can have one. This afternoon I was at Southside Church of Christ here in Tucson and will be preaching for a gospel meeting beginning tomorrow. This is a small, largely African American congregation with wonderful fellowship. Our song leader is a blind brother, and to tell the truth he was awesome!

Bobby Valentine

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  1. ben overby Says:

    I pray God is glorified and souls enriched during the meeting. You might be interested in an announcement I’ve posted at my blog about my resignation as the minister for the Lawson Road church. Too much sectarianism for too long for me to be much help with the present congregation. I will now take a different approach to spreading the kingdom of God.


  2. Frank Bellizzi Says:


    I’m thankful we got to meet. When, where will you be in Lubbock?

    I’ll have to listen to the sermon by Walling. Seems like he just gets better and better. With his tremendous gifts, he could have coasted. But it seems to me that he has continued to study through the years. What an outstanding preacher.

    Congratulations on the new book. You’re getting to be like Wright, publishing faster than the rest of us can read!

  3. Falantedios Says:

    I’ll have to find Jeff’s sermon as well. I want to see if it is better than the lesson he shared with the students at Lipscomb in February of 1994. He baptized me in the rehab Jacuzzi in the men’s athletic department that night.

    in HIS love,

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Is this your wife’s first marathon. I used to do things like that.

    gary mccauley
    chanute, ks

  5. Gardner Hall Says:

    I’ve ordered your book and looking forward to it. I’ve never heard the men you recommend so highly. I suppose since I generally walk in different circles, I’m not exposed to their preaching. I need to change that and will see what I can do to download some of their material. God bless,

  6. Carisse Says:

    Dear Bobby,

    It was great to see you again and to pursue Moser clues with you. Thanks so much for leaving me a copy of A Gathered People. I am reading it aloud to Mama. It reads well out loud.

  7. preacherman Says:

    Did you get to eat at Towne Crier?

  8. cwinwc Says:

    I’m tired just reading about the 5am run! Glad you made it home safe and edified. Now get some rest.

  9. Zack Says:

    Hi Bobby! I’m glad you are back home safe and sound. Did you drive through Midland and Odessa? If so, which one do you like better? I went with my mother out to Andrews over the weekend. Personally I like Midland, but not Odessa. I will purchase your new book at some point. It looks interesting and thought provoking. Be blessed!

  10. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    Ben I am in prayer for you. I know that our Abba will bless you in your work.

    Frank I will be at the Moser Ministry Conference at LCU, Oct 15-16.

    Nick I was not aware that Jeff baptized you. I am sure that being baptized in a jacuzzi can create some interesting tales.

    Gary this is my wife’s fourth marathon. Her last one was the Chicago marathon and she did it in under four hours. The run on Saturday was 17 miles.

    Gardner I am honored that you have ordered the book. I look forward to your reactions to it.

    Carisse I am sorry that our paths missed each other on Friday before I left. I am glad you got the book and you and your mom are enjoying it.

    Kenny I did eat at the Towne Crier again. I went with Dub and Fran.

    Cecil I was tired too!!

    Zack I have to be honest and say that I did not see much of Odessa or Midland except what is visible from I-20 and what I saw did not impress me much of either. I did stop in Odessa and ate at McAlister’s … a place I have not eaten at since I left Grenada Mississippi.

    Bobby Valentine

  11. Christian Says:

    God Bless

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