18 Sep 2007

ACU Lectures 2007 #2

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ACU Lectures

Today is Monday the first full day of the ACU lectures is nearly history … here is a link to the class schedule

I left Tucson after a kiss from my girls: Pamella, Rachael and Talya, I deposited my rear securely in a rented Pontiac and headed out toward the East. After going through the obligatory border patrol check point it was just shy of 1 pm Tucson time when I left and just shy of 3 am when I arrived Abilene time.

The hotel would not let me “check in early” so I slept in my car from about 3 am ET to about 6:30 when some “sounds” aroused me from my slumber. So fresh from my car seat I went to hear my good friend Edward Robinson talk about one of the most fascinating men in American and Stone Campbell history, Samuel R. Cassius. Tomorrow Edwards is going to compare and contrast Cassius and Marshall Keeble … this will be interesting because Cassius looks more like Malcolm X when compared to Keeble.

I took in Duane Cummins discussion of volume 2 of Eva Jean Wrather’s Alexander Campbell, Adventurer in Freedom: A Literary Biography.

I then had lunch with Fran Moser Winkles and her husband Dub. Fran is K. C. Moser’s daughter and has been a great source of inspiration when it comes to her father.

Lectures are as much about friends as anything else. I communed with Dr. Berryhill, Jonathan Camp and Trevor Thompson and the day is not done.

And of course I picked up a few books. I bought vol 2 of Wrather’s bio mentioned above, I got a reprint of John Allen Hudson’s The Man and the Moment: A Study in the Life of Alexander Campbell, and I got a most fascinating book by Robert Brimlow What about Hitler? Wrestling with Jesus’ Call to Nonviolence in an Evil World. The title alone made it worth looking at. I also bought and have already finished reading a small volume edited by Dale Jenkins Seeking True Unity with contributions by Mike Baker, Mike Green, Phil Sanders, Dale and Jeff Jenkins. I plan on doing a review and assessment of this small book as soon as I have time.

I am told by Leafwood Press that our book, A Gathered People will be released tomorrow so I am looking forward to that.

If you are at the lectures give me a ring and lets get together.

Bobby Valentine

12 Responses to “ACU Lectures 2007 #2”

  1. Gardner Hall Says:

    Enjoy lectures. Don’t know how you read so many books. Look forward to your new one.

  2. Clyde Says:

    I wish I was there–I would really enjoy meeting you and the lectures (I’ll have to settle for CDs of the lectures this year). I appreciate your books and blogging. I particularly appreciated your recent post on Campbell and rebaptism. That has been of real interest to me over the last couple of years.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and study with others of us out here in the trenches of ministry.

  3. ben overby Says:


    Be safe in your travels; no doubt you’ll be a blessing to folks at ACU. I pray the book is received well and widely read.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    When do you think you will give the review? Looking forward to it!

  5. Danny Says:

    Have fun and enjoy.

    I have never attended this lectureship, but hope to correct that one day.

    I know your book will be welcomed there.

  6. Vonnie Says:

    In our Ladie’s class today we had a question that we decided was a “Bobby” question so now you have one from our Life Group and Ladie’s class. We listened last night and wow I wish we could have been there. What a powerful message, but don’t get any ideas. Of course Tucson is not exactly the “Bible belt”.

  7. preacherman Says:

    I can’t wait to get a copy.
    I know it will be a great read.

  8. cwinwc Says:

    I’ve never been to the ACU Lectures. Is Abilene as beautiful as Malibu?

  9. George Mearns Says:

    Went to pick up your new book Sunday night. They said it would be in Monday, then Tuesday. A mix up in shipping delayed it until at least Thursday. I bothered the people at the booth far too much I suppose. I was really looking forward to reading it this week, but I shall be patient.

  10. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    Cecil … to compare Abilene with Malibu is sort of like comparing a butterfly to a larva!!

    George the book is available as of today. There was a mix up in shipping (they shipped the books to Arkansas rather than Abilene). But they are now available and I have my personal copy.

    Bobby Valentine

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I am curious – what border patrol did you have to go through from Arizona to Texas? Or were you being facetious? πŸ˜‰

  12. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    I was not being facetious, πŸ™‚ You cross several state lines but no international border but I-10 has several “checkpoints” that are now of a permanent nature and you must stop.
    For those living out East or in the land of beer and cheese this is a whole new world …

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