5 Aug 2007

VBS at PaLO VErde

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VBS at Palo Verde

Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning has been or will be VBS here at PV. There have been crews of people — young and not so young at 651 Kolb all week long. Dr. Brendon Holt, who is used to guiding Tomahawk cruise missles, has ably guided all of us through the maze of digging for truth. Our VBS is for all ages: preschool to 99 as he says! It has gone off with hardly a hitch so far (this is Saturday night and I feel as if I have been bushwacked). But we have had a great time so far. We have picked up on archeology and the anticipation of Indiana Jones coming out as a theme for our family adventure which we call “Quest for Truth.” Below are some pictures of some of the home made decor, “base camp,” the tunnel into a tomb, weary adult worker bees … etc. I should have gotten a picture of the stack of New York Pizza’s (22 inch behemoths!) to feed 200 kidos from … my Saturn never smelled so good!!!!!

Who is that Wild Eyed Stranger … Bad Hair Day

Entering the Shadowlands …

A Few Brave Souls … This area is actually sort of “dark” and we have a fog machine … but my flash decided it needed to flood the area with light …

That’s Where They Put it Indy …

Weary Adults … I think I heard some person say “I thought we fixed those swamp coolers …”

PV … They’ll Let any one in the church there …

A Break after Lunch in the Teen Room …

Base Camp … or VBS central … the calm before the storm …

Sherry and Carol are having WAY to much fun …

Arizona Clay explaining some vital truth that has been unearthed during our adventure …

May be some photos later as I go through them … after I get some rest.

Bobby V

7 Responses to “VBS at PaLO VErde”

  1. Candle (C & L) Says:

    Neat – Looks like a great adventure — We pray for a lasting impact on the livesof those involved.

    God Bless

  2. Vonnie Says:

    Thank you for your lessons Friday night, Sat and this morning. I’m tired today. I think I’ll have a nap.

  3. Greg Says:

    We had a similar adventure at camp one summer. We were showing the Indiana Jones scene from the original movie where he is running away from the huge bolder coming down on him. The “screen” was paper and as the bolder just about crushed Indiana, or own “Indiana Jones” came bursting through the screen. It was awesome! Looks like a great weekend at PV. But you’re, that man in the first picture looks very scary!

  4. cwinwc Says:

    Love the theme and concept. We have a long hallway in our basement (yes, one of the few buildings in Florida to have a basement) that my wife turned into a walk through a jungle.

  5. Frank Bellizzi Says:

    VBS, what a great tradition! I’ve always loved it. Great photos. Thanks, Bobby.

  6. preacherman Says:

    Looks like your V.B.S. is going great. Praise God. I know that V.B.S. really made a difference in my life a kid growing up. God bless your church as you minister to the community through this ministry.

  7. Duane Says:

    Bobby, thanks for posting the pictures! It is good to see familiar faces. I hope the rest of it went well, too.

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