28 Jul 2007

Tag from John Dobbs

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Tag from John Dobbs

My friend and fellow blogger, John Dobbs, has tagged me. He has asked that I divulge eight random facts, and meaningless!, about myself. So here goes …

1) I put pepper on my french fries

2) I hate to shave

3) I am on a diet … not doing so well but I am on a diet

4) I secretly envy song leaders

5) I like Sponge Bob

6) One of my favorite things to do is simply talk with friends about whatever

7) “Let It Be” is my least favorite Beatles LP

8) My three favorite people in the world are: Pamella, Rachael and Talya

9) One to grow on … Butterfinger is my favorite candy bar … MMs with peanuts rule …

I am supposed to “tag” eight more people according to John. I had to think if I had eight folks who read my blog … but here is who I came up with: Matt Dabbs, David Cook, Gary Cleveland, Red-Headed Step Child, Sherry Lollar, Sandy, Vonnie, and Steve Puckett

There I think that is eight

6 Responses to “Tag from John Dobbs”

  1. john dobbs Says:

    You done good Bobby! Enjoyed learning a few things about you!

  2. Steve Says:

    1. I hate to shave too.
    2. Yes, Let It Be is the least good Beatles LP
    3. I went on Weight Watchers 2 1/2 years ago, lost twenty pounds and it still is off. I recommend it.
    4. Never heard of pepper on french fries. The Dutch put mayonaise on theirs.
    5. Why would you envy song leaders?
    6. Have never watched Sponge Bob, I’d rather surf the web and blog
    7. Talking with friends is great.

  3. Matt Says:

    Got it. Thanks for the tag. You can see it at my updated blog at wordpress – Kingdom Living.

  4. TREY MORGAN Says:

    I’m a huge Spongebob fan too. Interesting!

  5. hamiam Says:

    Bobby…in doing tag inventory, you have tagged me now 3 of the 6 tags I have gotten in my blogging history. LOL…I’m running out of interesting info! But it is up.

  6. Tacita Says:

    Good words.

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