16 Feb 2007

My Life in (Secular) Song …

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My Life in (Secular) Song

My good friend and brother, Bobby Cohoon, has decided to make life interesting for a number of folks by forcing us to be creative. Bobby led the way by summarizing his life in a song and “tagged” me to do the same. I have thought about this (not long though) and what follows is my attempt to fulfill the request.

My life began with my birth in 1968 when the doctor told my parents You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Rolling Stones). As I matured into the dating stage my motto became Ace Freely’s I Am Trouble Walking but I was really a nice guy though many at the time thought I was Runnin with the Devil (Van Halen).

I came to a Crossroads (Cream) in my life and went to Bible College and was soon accused of fomenting a Revolution (Beatles) yet my teacher said I was Thick as a Brick (Jethro Tull). After being told to Come Sail Away (Styx) to a strange new sea in Florida; I spotted Pamella and thought Oh’ Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison/Van Halen). She looked me over and said you’re a Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top). Not wanting to be dishonest I confessed to being an Average Ordinary Guy (Joe Walsh).

Taking a risk Pamella and I married. Shortly after the honeymoon I did or said something really stupid so she warned me there would be No Sugar Tonight (Guess Who). But I looked her in the eye and whispered You’re Still Beautiful to Me (Bryan Adams). We were a happy couple and soon bundles of joy arrived. But one day we could not find Rachael so we were desperately Callin All Angels (Train). We looked at Talya and just reflected that she was just a Sweet Child of Mine (Guns & Roses).

God led us into the ministry but he warned that many of the brothers have become Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd). Being the wise sage he is, my dad exhorted me to Carry On My Wayward Son (Kansas). We lived in Mississippi for a few years but were unceremoniously chased out and Pamella encouraged me Don’t Look Back (Boston). So we followed the Long and Winding Road (Beatles) to Milwaukee.

We truly loved the land of beer and cheese but one day the Cloud moved off to a distant land in the Saguaro Desert. So we packed the cars and simply Roll[ed] On Down the Highway (BTO). Out here in the desert I have decided to become a Paperback Writer (Beatles). Now our lives are filled with joy and love.

Bobby Valentine

15 Responses to “My Life in (Secular) Song …”

  1. Bobby Cohoon Says:

    Great List brother. I knew you wre going to be creative. Man there are a few of those I haven’t heard in years!

  2. Zack Says:

    Hi! That was incredily funny! πŸ™‚ God bless you and your family in this new ministry in AZ.

  3. JD Says:

    I should have known you’d do this in such a great way… I’m still working on mine.

  4. Penney Says:

    What! No Ann Murray!

  5. David U Says:

    What? No James Taylor, Carole King, or Cat Stevens?!?!? Shame on you. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for commenting on my blog concerning J.N. Armstrong. I believe he was a giant in the Faith.

    God bless you, brother!

  6. mark Says:


    Very creative!

  7. Brian Nicklaus Says:

    well-done and amusing
    I don’t dare start working on such a thing or it will overtake my week.

    thanks, though

  8. Teresa Nystrom Says:

    They say the Beatles wrote the soundtrack to the lives of a whole generation. By the way, I used to live on Long Island. I vaguely remember a Valentine family. Did youse guys go for Exodus BayShore?

  9. MommyHAM Says:


  10. Dee O'Neil Andrews Says:

    My life could be summed up in total with Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly With His Song.”

    I have nothing else to say about my life. That’s it.

    Cheers! Dee

  11. Lisa Says:

    Well, I guess since you’ve commented on my blog I should let you know I’ve been reading yours for months! I think I probably first saw comments left by you on Wade T’s blog. Nice of you to stop by mine. I feel like a big idiot for not saying hi sooner. That comment you saw from Bobby C. was the first one he’s left on mine too. But I’m looking forward to keeping up with you both & saying hi now & then. I hope your new ministry endeavor is very blessed, as I know you are blessing many people while furthering the Kingdom.

  12. Brian Nash Says:

    Hey Bobby,

    It seems like my life has always been shrouded in a Purple Haze(Jimmi Hendrix). Even as I began to mature(?) and started wondering about God’s existence I’d find myself Walking in Your Shadow, and yet caught in a Dreamare(Uriah Heep).

    There always seemed to be moments in which I could toss a coin into the Wishing Well(Free),and yet my life always seemed to be such a Slow Ride(Foghat). Still I always knew that I Got to Move On(Moxy).

    Fortunately I came to my own Crossroads and meet the Sunshine of My Life(Cream), my wife Kathy. In a world filled with weeds she is my Orchad(Black Sabbath). While our lives have occassionally traveled a Hardroad(Black Sabbath), she is my July Morning(Uriah Heep)and she always reminds me that the first person that I see in the morning other than her, is the one I see in the Mirror(Angel).

  13. Steve Says:

    I amazed by the number of songs you chose from around the time you were born and a little after. It was fun reading.

  14. Josh Stump Says:

    Hilarious. Now I feel like I’ve known you all your life.

    Unfortuneately, now I will be singing Paper Back Writer all day. Could be worse, but stil…

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Bobby, I loved reading your life in song–very creative! Now I am motivated to write mine! Love, Cheryl

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