22 Jan 2007

Snow in Tucson!

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Bobby's World, Tucson

Snow InTucson!! Yep the Arizona Daily Star claims there was “up to two inches” in some places. But at my house it barely covered our pepple lawn. The newspaper also said that “few disruptions are noted.” I laughed because I read that sitting in a “Carl Jr’s” because it took me over an hour to travel one mile and I decided to pull into the burger joint when they refused to let me cross the bridge over the wash. That is where I encountered the newspaper! 🙂 It was all slightly humorous.

12 Responses to “Snow in Tucson!”

  1. Josh Says:

    Holy Cow… it’s snowing everywhere. I heard they got snow last week in L.A.!

  2. laymond Says:

    hang on to these pictures they may become of historical importance. Ha 🙂

  3. Sherry Lollar Says:

    We got about 6 inches in far southeast Tucson. I posted a picture taken from my kitchen window this morning on the Random Theological Musings blog that Duane McCrory hosts –

  4. Wade Tannehill Says:

    Global warming. Yeah, right.

  5. Paula Harrington Says:

    Could you box some of that up and send it to KY?

  6. DeJon Redd Says:


  7. Alan Says:

    What’s all this about global warming?


  8. George Says:

    Been there two weeks and you are already stirring things up Bobby.

    They’ll be thinking that you all should have stayed in Wisconsin.

    Have fun building a snow man!


  9. cwinwc Says:

    No snow in Central Florida unless you count the condensation building on my A/C. I know some who would think one hour at a Carl’s Jr. is the next best thing to Heaven. Enjoy the snow and the missing yard.

  10. Ben Overby Says:

    Looking outside my office window I know there’s two inches of snow buried under the other several inches! Thought you escaped the cold, didn’t ya? HA!

    By the way, as to the global warming questions, a more reliable indicator is the melting polar ice. I wish a few snow flakes in Arizona proved that we haven’t been pitiful stewards of God’s earth. Perhaps one day we’ll reclaim the image of God by exercising wise stewardship over our rivers, forests, and skys.

  11. Dee O'Neil Andrews Says:

    Wow, Bobby! My mom and dad lived there 20 years (he was an elder at Palo Verde nearly the entire time) and I don’t think they ever got snow down in town – just up on the mountains.

    Good grief!

  12. C D Says:

    re: cities that aren’t prepared for snow and ice… I was in a van hauling a trailer going across Georgia and Alabama in the blizzard of ’92. Huge 16-wheelers had flipped on the sides of the road, cars were abandoned all over the highway (I-20, I think…)… and I remember having the same thought — how not surprised were we that Alabama didn’t have snow plows handy!

    The only place open all along the highway was Waffle House! I accidentally left my camera there (maybe Anniston…), and when we went back the same way some weeks later, they still had it and I got it back! Very cool.

    Listening to the radio as we were driving through it was really neat, as it was the only means of communication, so things like, “If you know that John Smith from Main Street is okay, if there’s any way for you to let us know, his wife is really worried…” and all sorts of proof that people really come together in crisis.

    Welcome to Tucson Bobby!

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