20 Jan 2007

Photos from the Trek

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Bobby's World, Family, Journey, Tucson

Photos from the Trek

This picture is the end of the journey at our new home in Tucson, AZ. We are next to the Tanque Verde Wash … a dry river bed for most of the year.

Pray for us.

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  1. Mark Says:

    I’ve never seen a house like that before. This ought to be a really different experience for you. Best wishes and God’s blessings,


  2. Dee O'Neil Andrews Says:

    All these pictures remind me so much of when my mom and dad lived in Tucson, Bobby! Isn’t it just great?! They lived out on the east side of town toward the Saguaro National Park and had a house very similar to yours, it looks like, except their’s had a patio entry “fenced” in with adobe walls, of course.

    Your yard, garage and tree look about the same as theirs. I loved it out there going to visit them.

    Glad you all made it safe and you are back online. Reminds me of when we moved up here to Picayune a few months ago and I couldn’t blog for a couple of weeks. It was awful!

    Look forward to seeing more photos.

    Cheers to you and blessings! Dee

  3. Stoogelover Says:

    Welcome home! Looks like you can sell the lawnmower.

  4. Vonnie Says:

    These pictures are great – but go see ours. Sorry we will be missing your lesson tomorrow but we will be meeting with the saints in Honolulu. When we came here last May and met Scott Self, the preacher, he told us he was thinking of starting a beach ministry. It would consist of him laying on the beach with a sign that would say Wake me if you want to hear about Jesus. Tom and I are thinking of asking our elders to sponsor us in this work. What do you think?

  5. laymond Says:

    Stoned- I love to travel, and I love looking at pictures of other’s travels. looks as if you had a good time.

  6. Bill Says:

    Thanks for sharing these pics from your Happy Trails Tour. As I sit here in my family room looking out the bay window through a foggy-haze across our snow-covered back yard, a small part of me wants to join you in the desert to wrangle scorpions.

    May God bless you and your family as you get settled in your new home!

    Spiritual Oasis Blog

  7. Bruce Williams Says:

    Hi Bobby,

    Thanks for the pictures and stories on your trip. Sounds like a bunch of memories. I like seeing the pictures of that area. The southwest has an amazing creative beauty all to itself. I’ll still take our true four seasons though. 🙂 Yesterday we got another 4″ of snow; it sure is pretty. Just wondering…how dry is that river bed year round? Probably nothing to be concerned about.

    Southside is doing well. Monroe, Daryl, and Wayne have been preaching in the AM, various things are going on in the PM; we had the ‘Bible bowl’ last night. That was a lot of fun. Different men will be sharing lessons.

    Look forward to seeing you in June!


  8. cwinwc Says:

    Bobby, someone stole your grass! Living in a state (Florida) where one almost cuts his yard on a weekly basis almost year round your yard looks like the Garden of Eden. Break out the sand-wedge and work on the bunker game.

  9. Frank Bellizzi Says:

    There’s a guest bedroom in that house, right?

  10. James Says:

    Hey, the upside is that xeriscaping your yard is very enviro-chic.

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