11 Jul 2006

Meet the Stoned-Campbells

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Meet the Stoned-Campbells . . .

This photo was taken at Blue Mound State Park in Wisconsin late Summer 2005. There is Talya, Pamella, Stoned-Campbell, and Rachael. Some have thought I really do look like Joe Cool but I will let you be the judge (see http://stoned-campbelldisciple.blogspot.com/2006/04/what-does-stoned-campbell-disciple.html). Even in Summer we often have to carry a jacket in the land of beer and cheese.

This is my family and I love them.

Bobby Valentine

16 Responses to “Meet the Stoned-Campbells”

  1. CFOURMAY Says:

    Thats a great picture. OH and I say someone talking down about Farve on your blog. I hope you don’t allow that anymore. Go Packers and congratulations to all cheese heads.

  2. Heather Says:

    You have a great looking family! I know that you have to be proud of them. =)

  3. preacherman Says:

    Bobby you are truly blessed. Two girls. I have 3 boys under the age of 5. We are done trying for a girl. Bobby what a lovely family.

  4. Bill Says:

    Beautiful family, brother! How quickly they grow up. Cherish every moment you have when them!
    Grace to you and yours,

  5. cwinwc Says:

    Good to “see” you and your beautiful family. Wisconsin looks a bit like Florida in it’s “flatness.”

  6. Carisse Says:

    I am happy to see how much your daughters have grown (though the picture is now a YEAR old! C’mon Dad!). I miss them. Tell them I say hello. Rachael was four when I first met her, wasn’t she? She would come to the library and read and draw while you did research.


  7. Dwayne Says:

    Amen to God’s grace

  8. Stoogelover Says:

    Good looking family! Ditto to Bill’s comments … in light of just performing my son’s wedding this past weekend I’m so very aware of the “vapor” aspect of life.

  9. James A. Wyly Says:

    Hello Bobby,

    Your pictures remind me of my son. You are about the same age and you both have that weird, round beard and mustache.(Actually, it looks good on both of you.) He has two little boys. I went today to a T-Ball game involving my 5-year-old grandson. It was marvelous. The team that made the fewest errors (and there were dozens) was the winner.

    To your point: I am not sure that I believe that a recognizeable earth will return at “heaven-time.” I think a great deal of the Biblical description of the hereafter is an attempt by God to give us a sense of what it will be like but because of God’s ways being far above man’s ways and understanding, we can only see through a “glass darkly.”

    I hope your general sense is correct but I am a little skeptical.

    Jim Wyly

  10. JD Says:

    Wonderful picture of a wonderful family. God bless you!

  11. Candle (C & L) Says:

    Bobby – Thanks for introducing your family. I can understand why you love them (but of course what I think isn’t going to matter).

    Anyhow – you don’t look “stoned” and you are not a Campbell– I don’t know about the “Joe Cool” image so I think I’ll just keep calling you Bobby.

    God Bless

    p.s. I echo the comments re “time flies” _ Carpe Diem because it seem just like yesterday thatour kids were that age(and we were yours) — now we are in our 7th decadewith our oldest grandson being 8) — (and he and his sister will be visiting this week – God is good!!)

  12. Soren Says:

    What a beautiful family Bobby!

    Many blessings to y’all

    Mike Kjergaard

  13. Falantedios Says:

    Thank you, Bobby, for sharing this picture. Now Carly and I have faces in my mind to go with the prayers we offer up for this blessed gaggle of Valentines. My Mamaw was born on February 14th, so I have a Valentine in my family too!

  14. BR-549 Says:

    Nice picture! For some reason, I had always pictured you looking like a former Texas Rangers manager … Seriously, you do look like Joe Cool! Thanks for sharing the pic.

    — Bobby

  15. MommyHAM Says:

    I stumbled onto your blog via Larry James’ spot. I HAD to come check out a blog as irreverantly named as “Stoned-Campbell Disciple!” Just goes to show, humor is still alive and well within the CoC’s – which sometimes is hard to believe 😉

    Loved your spiritual disciplines post too, btw.

  16. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    Mommyham I can tell I like you already. I agree we need MORE humor in the CofC today than ever before. We are way to uptight.

    Breath in and exhale!

    Thank you so much for coming by my blog. You came down a number of posts and commented and so I thank you .

    Please come by again.

    Bobby Valentine

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