30 May 2006

Praying Through Romans

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Bible, Discipleship, Prayer, Preaching, Romans, Spiritual Disciplines

Praying through Romans
I promised yesterday to make a post of selected texts, one from each chapter of Romans, for the purpose of lectio divina for the next sixteen days. If you choose to pray along with me that is wonderful. Perhaps as you are reading you will locate other texts the Spirit will lead you to for the purpose of prayer.

Day 1: Romans 1.16-17
Day 2: Romans 2.17-24, esp. v.24 . . . Seek the honor of God in prayer and life.
Day 3: Romans 3.27
Day 4: Romans 4.18 . . . against all hope seek faith
Day 5: Romans 5.1, 6-8
Day 6: Romans 6.1-4, 11-12 . . . Seek insight into our death and resurrection with Christ
Day 7: Romans 7.14-20
Day 8: Romans 8.26-28 . . . seek spiritual aid in prayer
Day 9: Romans 9.19-21
Day 10: Romans 10 10.14-15 . . . Develop beautiful feet
Day 11: Romans 11.33-36
Day 12: Romans 12.9-15 . . . love and harmony
Day 13: Romans 13. 10
Day 14: Romans 14.22 . . . Seek the blessing
Day 15: Romans 15.7
Day 16: Romans 16.20 . . . praise the Lord.

Remember lectio divina is not to be rushed. It is to be savored. Take your time. Enjoy a retreat with Paul as you seek God’s Presence through Romans.

Two works may help in appropiating Romans through prayerful meditation:

Joseph A. Fitzmyer’s Spiritual Exercises Based on Paul’s Epistle to the Romans (Paulist Press, 1995)

Gary Holloway’s Romans & Galatians: The Spirit of Jesus in the Meditative Commentary Series (Leafwood, 2006)

Hesed & Shalom,Stoned-Campbell Disciple

5 Responses to “Praying Through Romans”

  1. preacherman Says:

    I’ll have to give this a try. Oh, thanks for letting us know about he books we can read will praying through Romans. I love Gary Holloways books. He is a very talented writer. I’ll have to get his book on Romans when in Abilene this weekend. Thanks Bobby.

  2. Michele Says:


    I’ve been missing visiting here and I see you’ve been busy. Thanks for your posts, your heart and your work for God.

  3. preacherman Says:


    I undstand you have a book on praying scripture. I am interested in reading it. Can you get it at ACU?

  4. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    I have a book on kingdom spirituality called “Kingdom Come.” This was written with John Mark Hicks of David Lipscomb University. There is a section on prayer and lectio divina in that book.

    This book is available through Amazon.com, Leafwood Publishing (www.leafwoodpublishers.com ) and it is probably located also at the ACU Bookstore. The Pepperdine Bookstore had it.

    Bobby Valentine

  5. preacherman Says:


    Thank you for letting me know the title and where I can purchase it.
    I am looking forward to reading it. Maybe even using it in a class or small group.
    Again, I am also looking forward to going by your chart on Romans.
    Thanks again for posting it.


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