28 May 2006

Pepperdine Lectures 2006

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Pepperdine Lecture Now Online

Hans Rollmann, operator of the website “Restoration Movement” has taken the power point presentation of myself and John Mark Hicks and converted it to HTML. The lecture can be viewed in its entirety under the heading “RM Resources.”

The audio is not present from our lecture but the 39 slides with some great quotes from David Lipscomb, James A. Harding, J. N. Armstrong and R. H. Boll . . . and some wonderful photographs . . . are available.

If you are interested here is a link:


Stoned-Campbell Disciple

7 Responses to “Pepperdine Lectures 2006”

  1. preacherman Says:

    Thank you for letting me know.
    I can’t wait to give it a download.

  2. Steve Puckett Says:

    Thanks for sharing your PowerPoint slides. I looked them over yesterday and am sorry that I missed your presentation. Hans is a great resource.

    I also look forward to the discussion on your book on the Stone Campbell discussion board.

    John Mark Hicks and I were classmates at Freed and lived in the same dorm. He and I had several language classes together, some of them were just the two of us and the teacher!


  3. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    Preacherman and Steve, thanks for looking at our slides. The discussion on S-C will be interesting indeed.

    I will have to find out from you Steve about all of Hicks’ “Bs” 🙂

    Bobby V

  4. Michele Says:

    Thanks for posting this link. Now when I get the audio from Gaylor, I can have these to read along with. Looks great. Some year…some year, I pray I am there.

  5. Ken Says:

    I didn’t know that the RM text site was still being added to. Do you know if they have the remainder of the Millennial Harbringer on-line?

  6. Clarke Says:


    Thank you for posting the slides. I was at your presentation at Pepperdine and almost asked if I could get a copy. I really enjoyed the lecture series you and John Mark did, it helped bring some things together for me.


  7. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:


    You visited my blog after coming to our classes??? You are a glutton for punishment, 🙂

    I am glad you came by and I hope to see you in the future too.

    Bobby Valentine

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