22 May 2006

Welcome to Milwaukee

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Welcome to Milwaukee

Spring in Milwaukee is interesting. Saturday was a beautiful day getting into the low 60’s. Yesterday our high was 48. This morning, May 22, we had frost! It was light frost mind you . . . but frost nonetheless. We are currently pushing about 55 and it is a nice day.

My wife, Pamella, grew up in Florida. She is one of these folks who loves the sun and plenty of heat. 80 is on the cool side for her. Yesterday she said, after a nice chilly bike ride, . . . “welcome to spring in Milwaukee.” She is ready to go to the beach but Lake Michigan is quite cold (at its warmest it gets in the mid-50s in lat August).

On the other hand for me it is not to hot nor to cold. You need a jacket in the evening (and like yesterday all day). But the sky is a magnificent blue, the sun is brilliant and the air is refreshing. There are all kinds of things to do outside . . . and there are lots of people outside to enjoy it. For example walks along the Milwaukee River at dusk (in the photo) are wonderful for even Pam.

These are useless musings . . . but I was struck by the fact that we had (light) frost on May 22. This is not New Orleans where I used to live.

Stoned-Campbell Disciple

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Bobby, I’ll trade you some light frost for some 90 degree weather to make your wife happy.

    Hot in Houston,

  2. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    George, Pamella would do it in a “New York minute.”

    Bobby V

  3. Anonymous Says:

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