18 May 2006

The Cubs and Redemptive Moments

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The Cubs and Redemptive Moments

Cubs 3
Nats 0

Sunday afternoon I got an email from my friend John Mark Hicks. He was going to be in Chicago for a Cubs game on Tuesday. He had two tickets for me and wanted Pamella and I to meet down in Chicagoland.

I talked with my beloved baby doll but she was not going to be able to go. This was a real downer. But she (lovingly) gave me permission to get another companion. I called a number of folks and it seemed like no one wanted to go to the game (I know the Cubs are cursed but can it be really that bad??). I finally called a friend in Madison and asked him if he would like to go. He jumped at the chance.

Neither Lance nor I had ever been to Wrigley Field. So we left around 1 pm and got together with John Mark on the corner of Addison and Clark . . . then we went into the pub and grill called Cubby and ordered a burger and Coke (they did not have Dr. Pepper).

We had great seats. We were directly behind home plate and only about 15 or so rows from the net. The game was a fast paced game and the Cubs, I will let the cat out of the bag, won! They actually won 3 to nothing. Neither team played exceptionally well but the Cubs made fewer mistakes and the Nationals made a number that contributed to the score.

The highlight of the Nats performance was the pitcher made a play on a bunt. As he was about to toss the ball to third base for a forced out he got tripped up on his own feet and tumbled onto his rear. It looked like something Goofy would do. It was so horrendous that it was classic. I was waiting for a flash to appear on the jumbotron that read “Want to get away?” But there are no jumbotrons at Wrigley.

We had good fellowship. We walked around the stadium, saw the statue of Harry Carey and got a free Snoopy. I was pleased to share a redemptive moment in Cubs history with John Mark and Lance.

Oh, the Brewers won too . . .

Stoned-Campbell Disciple

3 Responses to “The Cubs and Redemptive Moments”

  1. cwinwc Says:

    I’m not a Cub fan (or a “Bud man” as HC used to say) but I would consider going to Wrigley Field a sports fantasy highlight.

  2. Carisse Says:

    “baby doll”??


  3. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    Baby Doll . . . my term of endearment for Pamella. She is God’s gift to me.

    Bobby Valentine

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