15 Apr 2006

Why Stoned-Campbell??

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Shades, Harley, Pocket Bible … life is good

I have had several questions about “Why call this “Stoned-Campbell Disciple.” There are two or three reasons I used the “Stoned” in Stoned-Campbell Disciple.” I addressed this in response to the first post on my blog: Welcome to Stoned-Campbell Disciple. But I will give more info here . . . briefly.

First, goes back to a Japanese preacher named “Moto.” Moto is a preaching brother doing a great work for the Lord there in Japan. He and I have exchanged a number of emails over the years and he frequently calls us “Stoned-Camels.” I think it is quite humorous and that is how he intends it and that is how I intend it. Everytime I see it I have chuckle.

Second, I think it is important not take oneself so seriously. We need to be able to have a sense of humor about everything and perhaps most of all about religious matters. That is not to trivialize our pursuit of the things of God but to keep ourselves in perspective. We are after all but simple and often misguided disciples. “Stoned” Campbell captures that with a twinkle in the eye and smile on the face.

Third, in a way we have been (using a figure of speech) “Stoned” by the cornerSTONE. If we are following Jesus on the way of the cross this is a fitting metaphor.

Fourth (I miscounted!) Alexander Campbell did get “Stone(d)” when his Reformers united with Barton W. Stone. Though I am just a Christian it is a fact of history that I am a child of the Stone-Campbell Movement … thus a Stoned-Campbell Disciple! 🙂

To keep the humorous side of the title a friend is attempting to persuade me to use the edited version of “Joe Cool” (pictured) as my web icon. I think it is a great idea but I just don’t know if I am up to it yet or not.

Bobby V.


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