26 May 2011

Tolle lege – Profitable Material on the Net

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Books, Discipleship, Kingdom, Ministry, Preaching

The net can be a wonderful resource. Let me recommend a few readings that could possibly nourish your mind and your spirit.

Hearing the Word … How to Benefit Spiritually From Preaching
This piece briefly relates the wisdom of Robert Hall (1764-1831) a powerful Baptist preacher of the 19th century. Some of Hall’s suggestions may seem a bit old fashioned but one cannot help but think that here is some sound teaching in the true Pauline sense.

I’m Just Not that Attracted to Her” by Michael Lawrence

This is a fascinating piece. Right around 40% of Americans are “single.” Relationship issues are huge. As churches are we connecting with the sea of single and single again people that God loves? Lawrence really has some insight into attraction and beauty from a Christian perspective.

From Mars: Super Cool Pix Gallery and article on Opportunity and Spirit from the surface of Mars. These little guys have more than earned their money …

This short essay by N. T. Wright called “The Book and the Story” has plenty meat. Hermeneutics is a task that we cannot escape though many wish they could. But in this short piece Wright shows not simply that biblical text meant something in the long ago but precisely that this “metanarrative” address our postmodern world.

If you have never read Bernard of Clarivaux on “Love” you have missed a great spiritual blessing. Reflect on the four degrees of Love with Bernard and see if you are not enriched.

Tolle lege,
Bobby Valentine

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