21 Jun 2010

Gary Holloway, World Convention & the Faith of our Fathers and Mothers

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Alexander Campbell, Barton W. Stone, Christian hope, Church History, Restoration History, Unity

Gary Holloway has blessed many of us down through the years through his writings. Cultivating a passion for the spiritual disciplines and seasoning them with insights from the Stone(d)-Campbell Movement has been one of his missions. By editing the “Meditative Commentary” Series for Leafwood he has helped many rediscover the power of the written word of God. Three of his books have been meaningful to me: The Daily Disciple; Living God’s Love: An Invitation to Christian Spirituality; and Renewing God’s People: A Concise History of Churches of Christ (these last two were cowritten with Earl Lavender and Doug Foster respectively). They are works worthy of your attention.

Recently Gary accepted a new position with the World Convention, a world wide gathering of Christians from the Stone-Campbell heritage. Jesus prayed for unity and I believe we need to pray along with him … and then live that prayer. Gary’s World Convention Blog is located HERE. I want to encourage my readers to bookmark it to help raise our sights.

Gary was kind enough to take to post a series of quotations that I collected several years ago. When everyone else is crying “division” and “mark them” I was hearing the distant voices of our fathers and mothers in the faith. Theirs is a grand and powerful and even humbling vision. A vision for unity … NOT DIVISION!!! Many have never read these quotations that span a hundred years. They are breathtaking. I will not repost them here but provide a link to Gary’s World Convention blog. Here is a link to The Faith of Our Fathers and Mothers.

Go read them. You may even want to print them out and meditate on them as you nurse a cup of java.

Thanks Gary for helping to share the insight of our spiritual ancestors in the kingdom.

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  1. Missionary's Missionary Says:

    Thanks, Bobby…subscribed to World Convention news.

  2. Ashley Says:

    you need to tag this book club or recommended reading or…Ashley Read This… lol. miss you Bobby can’t wait to dive into all this material. <3 ashley nisch.

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