1 Sep 2008

Labor Day Ride

Author: Bobby Valentine | Filed under: Bobby's World

Labor Day Harley Ride Through Arizona

Well it is a holiday they tell me. Labor Day! I had nothing to do today. I even tried to sleep in but I was awake by 6:30. So I decided to get my can out of bed, hit the shower, and hit the road. I decided I would just go south and west and see where the road goes.

So I saddled up my Iron Horse and made sure there was plenty of petro in the tank. At first I headed south to I-10. I had a quarter and decided to flip it to see if I should go right or left on 10. Well the quarter said go right. I thundered down the highway and came to I-19 and hooked a left.

Then I flipped my coin again (inspired by Two-Face) and went down AZ 86 into the middle of no where. I zipped through the Tohono O’odham reservation at about 75 or 80. Suddenly I saw a sign that said “Kitt Peak Observatory” … so I hit the break and hung a left and went into the sky (via the mountain). As I neared the top I could see the telescopes and it got unexpectedly cool too. And a few drops of rain showed up rather suddenly with this ominous looking cloud that swallowed up the peak.

I came down the mt and then took off toward Ajo and eventually found myself talking to a Border Patrol agent (in the middle of no where!) who asked in a stern voice: “Are you a United States citzen?” I looked at her and smiled and said “Born in the USA.” Then she said “nice bike.” After a few more pleasantries exchanged I whisked on down the road. It has been a great ride. Would have loved to have the girls but …

It was getting cloudy going up the mountain. You can see a few of the telescopes in this pic taken from my phone (you can click on the pic and get a much larger view) …

As I came around a bend I was almost directly below the behemoth. I could see this dome for miles but coming up right under it was pretty cool.

See the ominous black cloud that just “appeared.” It is swallowing up the Mayall 4 meter telescope. It started to drizzel when I was at the top and I did not want to be in the rain so I left earlier than I wished … in this pic I am about 4 miles via mountain road from the telescope.

Now I am home. The sun is intense in the desert and I got burnt on my fore arms … didn’t even notice it on the bike. I pray your Labor Day has been a good one …

Seeking Shalom,
Bobby V

3 Responses to “Labor Day Ride”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Cool ride. You were wearing your helmet, yes?

  2. Candle (C & L) Says:

    Sounds like a great day – letting the voice of God’s creation restore your spirit and lift your sould.

    God Bless

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Those pics look familiar! Sounds and looks like a wonderful ride.

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