18 Aug 2008

For Jeanne

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For Jeanne

Life Group was a blast …

Bobby V

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  1. Jeanne Says:

    I can only assume you made it home from Life Group alive since you posted this. For the record, fellow blog readers, he was riding
    in the dark
    wearing dark clothes.
    The number one cause of motorcycle accidents is lack of being seen. The number one cause of death when involved in a motorcycle accident is NOT WEARING A HELMET.
    But thanks for letting us know you got home safe… three hours later.

  2. Anonymous Says:


    Group was good. I really enjoyed it. Now it was not dark. I had a green shirt on (bright green).

    Had to stop at starbucks and cash in my $2 dollar treat recipt for my coffee frap. Enjoyed the nice moonlight that came up after it actually got dark.

    Came home. Tried to find the right picture just for you. And was it really three hours??

    Bobby V

  3. Jeanne Says:

    Sorry, dude, but “bright” green at night might as well be camouflage. You might try a reflective jacket, or at least some reflective tape on the back of your helmet.

    Yeah, the one you’re not wearing.

    Don’t give me that garbage about “it’s with my daughter” or “I’ll get a new one when I get paid.” For the price of a dozen coffee fraps you could have a really nice helmet and maybe live long enough to see your daughters grow up.

    Your sermon yesterday was about how we all do stupid things and rationalize them. Well, this is one stupid thing you can stop doing. Satan is the father of lies and he can get you to rationalize anything, including riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

    You’re 40 in a week, brother. Time to grow up and stop acting stupid when you can help it. This time you can help it.

    Glad you enjoyed Life Group. We were all glad you came.

  4. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    You had to bring up the “40” huh!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Whoa Bobby! I think Jeanne has put you in her right pocket and pulled you out of her left…Any thing I’ve said about you not wearing a helmet or riding without reflective clothes has been smashed before a superior debater who made you (and me) look like a 3 year old trying to explain why he was playing in the toilet. Bobby, you have no excuses and more importantly no arguments that can top Jeanne’s. Give it up Pal and start wearing a helmet. In the face of that admonition your excuse that “it’s not cool to ride a Harley with a helmet” just doesn’t cut it.
    Listen to the “Spirit’s” promptings brother….Bob

  6. cwinwc Says:

    Sounds like our lifegroup where we get together and play some serious volleyball. Nice bike.

  7. preacherman Says:

    Cool post.
    Always remember to wear the helmet!
    Have a great week brother! 🙂

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Truly, truly enjoyed the video and most of all the song by Dylan. For me, I don’t think there will ever be one better that Bob D. It takes me to a time when I was where life was easy. Then like all I had to grow up. It is nice to go back to that time. When the songs ends back to work.

    Bobby reading your blog makes me think you need to share things with someone that can help you pull out of the big D. Not divorce but depression. If I am wrong forgive me.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! I guess your gonna have to make wearing a helmet on a Harley look “cool”. Start a new trend! You have a lot of wonderful people who care about you.


  10. Stoogelover Says:

    Dude! Spend a day with us going to the county morgue and picking up the bodies of people in motorcycle accidents! And these are the ones who DO wear helmets. To ride w/out a helmet is insanity. Bless your heart 🙂

  11. Anonymous Says:

    As a former and possibly future rider (without a helmet) of motorcycles, I feel the need to point out how illogical it is to try to shame someone into wearing a helmet by claiming they are putting their life at eccessive risk. That’s like saying, “Don’t don’t drink that container of boiling acid because it will burn your insides. You should let it cool to room temperature first.” Bobby, as Stoogelover has written, the risk is in riding, not in going helmetless. You know that what you are doing has a degree of risk. If the benefits of doing what you do outweigh the risks of what you will lose (and who others will lose) if it doesn’t pay off, then ride on brother. It’s your call.

    Happy 40th Bobby V!

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