12 May 2007

Ok, Now it is Hot

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Ok, Now it is Hot!

They have been making fun of me here in the land of Saguaros and Scorpions because I have felt it was a little on the warm side. But they keep telling me (why??) that I haven’t seen “nothing yet.” Well it seems to me that 103 degrees is hot by any standard. Yes it will get hotter still but agree with me 103 is still hot!!

But it is a dry heat. I am sure you have heard that one before and it is true to some extent. Going from the sunshine into the shade makes a big difference. But in case you did not notice there is not much of that in the desert.

I’m not really complaining. I will have a pool I can boil in one day. The good thing is I am trying to sell my Saturn (its value recently went up considerably, 🙂 ) and get a Harley. I will strap some ice packs on my chest and drive down the street ….

My family recently went hiking in the Coronado National Forest (really not many trees) and witnessed that even the Saguaros get burnt up in the heat. Witness this skeleton of two giant Saguaros.

In the middle of Coronado National Forest is what is supposed to be the “most photographed” rock in the forest. It looks like a face. Click on it and check out the expression.

Now that is a face that has been … baked, 🙂

Bobby Valentine

11 Responses to “Ok, Now it is Hot”

  1. Bill Says:

    Just wait until August…you’ll discover that really is a dry heat…like a blast furnace!

    Glad to see that you and your family are getting settled in the scenic southwest.


  2. Bob Bliss Says:

    Bobby, if you buy a Harley you are going to have to come for Bike Week either at Daytona or Leesburg here in Florida. If you do you can stay with us in Mt. Dora. We are only an hour or so away from Daytona and 20 minutes from Leesburg. Be sure to keep your mouth closed while driving. 🙂


    Yes. 103 is hot.

    Yes. 103 is just getting started! Wait till it is October and you think 103 is nice.

    Get ready for REVERSE cabin fever.

  4. ben overby Says:

    Bobby, its about 55 degrees up here by the lake. We will not get out of the high 50’s today. I’d like it a bit warmer, but I don’t want any of that 100 degree dry heat! Don’t melt, brother!



    I once saw someone in Reader’s Digest remark about a flood in Phnx, “At least it was a dry flood!”

  6. Adam Gonnerman Says:

    I’m relatively new here. You live in Arizona? My brother lives in Mesa, and all winter long brags about how nice the weather is.

  7. Stoned-Campbell Disciple Says:

    Adam I live in Tucson, AZ and preach for the Palo Verde Church of Christ.

    If you are in the state we should try to get together at some point.

    Bobby Valentine

  8. Adam Gonnerman Says:


    I live in New Jersey. If I ever visit my brother or extended family in Arizona, though, I’ll let you know I’ll be there and maybe we could meet up.

  9. hamiam Says:

    So…if I ever see some dude riding a hog with ice on his chest, shall I just assume it is Bobby Valentine who just rode past me? LOL – thanks for the visual.

    It was 91 here today in Ft. Collins – a record for this time of year And it was hot.

    For you Bobby, …then the Lord saw that the mercury had risen to 103 and He saw that it was…Hot.

  10. slstoll Says:

    Bobby, June is the HOTTEST month – high temps and low humidity – you’ve heard “It’s a dry heat!”? July and August are hot as well, but the monsoon will blow in and rain or its promise, will cool things down, maybe 2-3 degrees! San Diegans have a name for us Arizonans much like we have a name for our winter snowbirds; in the summer, we’re known as Zonies, because there are so many Arizonans in San Diego in the summer. October will be here before you know it, and you won’t miss the Milaukee winter! Make sure you have a windshield screen for your car – that steering wheel gets fiercly hot!

  11. Brittany Says:

    Yes, at least it is “dry” heat. In South Jersey, near the coast, all we have is 75-80 degree weather with about that much humidity too! Yikes! Hope you don’t melt away. : )


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