5 May 2007

Adventures at Pepperdine

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Adventures at Pepperdine, I

My family pulled out of our driveway in Tucson, AZ at 5 a.m. on Monday morning. We made good time and had a good trip. The mountains and desert between Tucson and Southern California has a stark beauty to it. There are long stretches where there is nothing. We saw a sign that said “McDonald’s 90 miles.”

Everything was going great and we were about 25 miles from Pepperdine. We were on Hwy 101 when I felt my clutch give way as I was passing a “slower” car. We got off the hwy and our Saturn Vue died in the intersection. It would not come out of gear and then it would not go back in. God was smiling on us because there was a GM dealer across the street. I got the Vue to go and we literally coasted into the parking lot.

The tech said that cylinder went out and this would cost 350 bucks and labor would be 860!! We rented a car, got a hotel room across the street, and proceeded to Pepperdine on Tuesday morning. I got a phone call from the tech and he informed that I would also need to replace the pressure plate and flywheel … I picked the Vue up on Thursday after shelling out $1563.43. I seriously considered trading it in. This SUV only has 50,000 miles on it … That is our first adventure.

We had a great time but more on that later …

Bobby Valentine

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