5 May 2007

A Few Photos of the Pepperdine Adventure

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A Few Photos of the Pepperdine Adventure

Stoned-Campbell Disciple teaching on Thursday Nite

The Professing Professor

Danny Dodd and Al Sturgeon after Danny’s class

Rachael, Talya, Tom and Vonnie Phillips playing on the beach

Rachael (R) and Talya (L) in sunny and “warm” Malibu

The Oscar Myer Weiner Going Down Pacific Coast Highway

4 Responses to “A Few Photos of the Pepperdine Adventure”

  1. Zack Says:

    Great pics there brother! Looks like your class went great! I’ll certainly buy your book when it comes out in September. God bless! Peace.
    ps. I’m so glad your daughter is back is back to health. Be blessed!

  2. Vonnie Says:

    Thanks a lot for putting my picture on your blog. I look like a beached whale! Seriosly we need have a good couple of hours at the beach – Tom had a good nap -bundled up in his sweatshirt.

  3. Vonnie Says:

    I meant ” we did” instead of “we need”. I didn’t check it before pushing publish.

  4. hamiam Says:

    Looks like fun times, Bobby.

    Made me miss the coast of my childhood…I’ve been landlocked in CO for 14 years now.

    Your girls are precious.

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